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The book has arrived, and it's excellent condition. Very impressed
with the packing you have done. I am amazed with the state of the text.
Was it really printed in 1649 ? The quality of the cover is superb as well.
Many thanks.
Simon May 2001.

There is something very comforting about Spelman which
is not always the strongest feature of many other
similar bookshops, I must say. So, well done for
making it such a serious and yet welcoming place. I
certainly took a lot of pleasure visiting it--more so
when I find something that "I've been looking for for
All best wishes
Vincent February 2001.

A long sought-after book located with you and ordered on the 8th February,
delivered to my door in Korumburra, Victoria, Australia, today [21st] in
good order and condition and at a reasonable price.
Great service!
I will spread the word about Ken Spelman Rare Books, and you will be my
first call in future.
Many thanks -
Raymond Walls February 2001.

A really big thank-you for the delivery of my dads' book - he was chuffed
to bits and said the book is in perfect condition! that was a great service. Have a great Xmas!
Rebecca West December 2000.

A quick note to say that Elaine arrived safely and in good order. She was
very well packaged, and seemed to enjoy her intercontinental trip. I could not be happier with the book or with your service. Thank you very much. You are a credit to your industry. For what it is worth, I have now bought books from over 100 bookshops all around the world, and this is only the 3rd congratulatory email I have sent! Like most Australians, formal politeness does not come naturally (although we are otherwise quite pleasant).
William. (Australia) December 2000.

Having just ordered via Bibliofind, I did my usual check of the dealer's web site. I wish to congratulate you on what is unquestionably the best book website I have seen. The layout is attractive and intuitive, and it was very fast to load & run. Alibris should buy your interface! I wish to particularly thank you for your links page. This is the most comprehensive and thoughtful I have come across. There are topic links included therein that I have been (vainly) searching for for ages. You have made my day.
W.G. (Australia) November 2000.

Just played around on your home page -- it's really amazing -- great job!
J.W. (USA) November 2000

Thanks for the careful packing and speedy delivery of my order which arrived yesterday.
Sherrill Pinney

Thank you for your reply. Indeed the book "Kim's Story" has just arrived and is excellent. We are all pleased with our first foray into Internet book buying.
Jan Taylor

AHHHHH! now I am at peace with the world! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my query about d/w!

Many thanks for sending the book 'City at War'
Received safely today. Thank you for the prompt and efficient service. Regards,

I received the book. Thank you! Again, I'm grateful! Best--
Tran Turner

Book received in fine shape; thanks!
Cheers, Lex

I can happily report that the book has arrived and that I'm totally thrilled with it. Thank you! Regards,
Yiah Chan

Many thanks for your response. I am very pleased to say the book arrived safely today (27/4) and I am absolutely delighted with its quality. I must say your service cannot be faulted and I look forward to placing further orders with you in the future.
Again my sincere thanks. Kind regards.

Ian Robinson.

While I was waiting under my anxious palm the other
day the postman showed up bearing your heavy load. I
am sooooo happy with the book it is fabulous! Thanks
for all the great service. Once again-With Warm, Sunny Island regards,

The Books arrived today! Superb! Thanks for all,
warm regards, sincerely,

The book has arrived safely. Many thanks - I am very pleased with its condition - and can now return the copy I have kept renewing from the local library for the last year or two!.
Regards, Piers Baker

Thank you for sending the above so promptly -- & so beautifully
Regards Nigel Greenwood

The books arrived this morning. Many thanks. They have been packed most beautifully and I'm very grateful to you for your detailed care and attention to this matter. With best wishes,
Cameron Kent

Just to let you know that the above book arrived safely this morning, for which my grateful thanks. So carefully and well wrapped too. You should charge even more for packaging!
Pauline J Packer

Just to let you know that I received the book during the early part of last week. Thank you very much for an excellent service.
Alfred James Colyer

Thanks. Book arrived ok yesterday. Perfect. regards, Antony.

Tom, thank you. The label was beautiful, the packaging was beautiful, the book is beautiful. I thank you for your good work. Joseph

Just a word to say that Sir Thomas Lawrence made it across the ocean to my apartment in Toronto. I am delighted with the book, your service and also with the packaging. Many thanks,
Laird Mackintosh.

I just wanted you to know I received the book covered by the above today in perfect condition. Thanks very much.

Just to let you know this arrived safely. Thank you as always on the excellent service.

Hi again. Just wanted to thank you so much. The 2 volumes arrived in good order and condition yesterday. Sincerely,
Harald M Granbacka

This book arrived today. Thank you very much for the service. I am pleased with the book.
Judy Elliott

Received the above book today and many thanks for it's superb wrapping and condition. Yours sincerely,
Sue Levinson

Dear KS Books,
My order placed via Bibliofind arrived safely, and well-wrapped, today. Thank you very much.
Regards, L A Greenall.