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Going by the Book

Stephen Pimenoff writing in Homes & Gardens, July 1994.

Britain offers a vast range of secondhand bookshops. Stephen Pimenoff takes you on a tour of some of the best.

Ken Spelman:

Started by Ken Spelman in 1948, the shop is now run by Peter Miller and Tony Fothergill, both York University graduates (in History and English respectively). It has grown enormously over the years, helped along by the purchase of a 19th century subscription library's shelving, complete with books. The shop is on 2 floors and specialises in books on painting, drawing and landscape gardening (plus History and English, needless to say).

Quality is high, prices reasonable and the staff - all from the university - are friendly and knowledgeable. Two additional rooms with antiquarian volumes and more of the speciality subjects can be visited on request.