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Matte Stephens:

Hello,my name is Matte Stephens I am a painter that lives in Portland Oregon. I have a wife named Vivienne and a cat named Simon. I do some commercial illustration also. I’m not sure that there is a better life than being a painter and a maker of stuff.

The Cat Family in York

After a long transatlantic crossing the cat family have been
enjoying touring around Europe in their 2cv. They were quite fond
of their stop in York England.

Mr. Dauterman on his leisurely vacation across Europe,
had no idea there was a wolf in a wool suit just around the corner.

Sigmund Abernathy taking a ride through Central Park
On Thunder Bolt On his first Trip to the United States.

Bird with bubbles

Monsieur Hulot. 16x20 Limited edition print

The Abernathy family & Humbert the rare red sweater wearing elephant.

Limited edition 13x19 print