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Alan Turnbull:

Alan Turnbull is a painter and printmaker who has exhibited at national & international level since 1979. He is the recipient of numerous Art Council awards and has work in various international public collections including Harvard University's Permanent Collection; the Vladimir Nabokov Museum, St Petersburg; the University of London; the University of Durham; and Dresden City Council.

"When I paint I try to look beyond the object to what it represents for me. Ideally I want images that are 'objection correlatives' of my feelings. I am interested in things which reveal time passing and sensations of change in light, in water, in sleep. I would like a single image to have many voices."

We have a number of his unique etchings & collages in stock.

Letter from Stuttgart. Unique Collage. £190.00

Night Crow. Chine-colle etching & Collage. £170.00