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LOCK, E.M. Some Carnethy Garden Flowers. A herbarium of specimens collected initially between 1906 & 1908

Manuscript Accounts for 1849-1857 for S. Ball relating to a garden near Kidderminster.

RARE PLANTS OF DORSETSHIRE. A Catalogue of some of the more Rare Plants of Dorsetshire. 1836.

HEATH, Isobel and Barbara. Those Girls in Europe Again. Two young English women driving alone by car through Europe in 1938; listening to Mussolini, discussing Hitler.

CHINA. A detailed journal of a visit to China at the height of Chairman Mao’s rule in 1965.

An album with 108 photographs take by a party of four ladies travelling through the alpine glaciers of Switzerland, and northern Italy in the 1930's.

SIMPSON, Amy Evelyn., Moor Top House, Ackworth, near Pontefract, Yorkshire. Her ‘Private’ diaries, written in 7 notebooks. late 19th century.

THE ANCIENT MARINER. Robert Henry Traill illustrates Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner.. 1865.

TAYLOR, Arthur., Corfe, near Taunton. Two quarto volumes of his original verse, ‘Poems’, and ‘The Braggart and other Poems’. c1860.

HOLT, Emily. Claribel, an original mid-19th century tale of love


TURNER, Charles Hampden. An interesting signed letter by the merchant, gardener and collector Charles Hampden Turner (1772-1856).

BANKS, Mary. A collection of bills and receipts relating to the late Mrs Mary Banks, Monk Hill House, Pontefract. 1830's.

McNEILL, Eliza. Her detailed and extensive diary for 1823.

STYLEMAN, Henry. An account book for expenses incurred by Henry Styleman Esq to William Baney, for the Snettisham, Ringstead and Heacham estates. 1810-1811

HIMLEY, Staffordshire. A Perambulation to ascertain the boundaries of the Parish of Himley, taken, survey’d & adjusted on Thursday the 15th day of May 1809

CRUIKSHANK FAMILY, Edinburgh. A group of six letters that give a fascinating insight to life as a Quaker in Edinburgh in the early 1800's.

DIXON GREEN COLLIERIES. A detailed account book recording payments relating to colliery expenditure
between January 1779 and January 1782.

STANSFIELD HALL ESTATE, Halifax, Yorkshire. A collection of fourteen 18th and early 19th documents relating to John Sutcliffe,
the owner of Stansfield Hall.

FOLJAMBE, Eliza. A lady’s country house music collection.. 1808.

GREEN, Charles E.M. A Journal taken at Heidelberg in the summer of 1853.

COMMONPLACE BOOK. A manuscript commonplace book, covering the period 1832-1843.

GEORGE HARVEY & LEE THORNTON. Two large bank ledgers for 1804-1807, and 1808-1811. [Slavery]

SHOES, Searchers of Leather. An interesting collection of ten letters relating to the work of Searchers of Leather, travelling around the ‘northern circuit’ in the early 19th century.

WILSON, Joseph. 18th century original mathematics and surveying manuscripts.

BRITISH GUIANA PLANTATIONS. A contemporary handwritten file copy of a document dated 10th January 1837 relating to the transfer of plantation property in Demerary and Essequebo, Colony of British Guiana.

AN ACCOUNT OF A TRIP TO PARIS IN SEPTEMBER 1829. A detailed manuscript account by Colonel Pownoll-Phipps describing his trip to France, 1st - 24th September 1829,

SWIFT, Jonathan. A very rare 18th century cut-paper portrait by the Irish artist, Nathaniel Bermingham.

RIDDLES. A collection of manuscript riddles, titled to rear "Riddles from Miss C. Cocket, Adderley Jan 10th 1856

ALBION FOUNDRY & WORKS, Leeds. A detailed account book recording petty cash payments between May 1856 and October 1866.

REYNELL-PARK, Lt Colonel Arthur John., godson of The Duke of Wellington. A vellum bound manuscript book of copy letters written between May 1848 and November 1849.

HUME, Joseph. A two page letter on a single sheet, written and signed by Joseph Hume, dated 20th February, 1835 and sent from Bryanston Square (London). The letter has strong, political content about electors, elections and The Tories

RELIGIOUS WRITINGS. An early 18th century volume with over 100 handwritten pages of religious discourses.

[WALPOLE, Horace., attributed]. The Impenetrable Secret. c1758.

ROTHERHAM, John., of Dronfield. His accounts for 1769.

PATON, James. A manuscript volume headed ‘Promises’ and comprising of 279 numbered pages of handwritten verses selected from the Old Testament. 1774.

GAVIN, Lady Elizabeth. A folio ledger containing accounts pertaining to Lady Gavin [nee Elizabeth Maitland] of Langton House, Duns, Berwickshire. 1804.

REYNOLDS, John. ‘His Accompting Book, 1802.’

PARSONS, Elisabeth., of Wiltshire. Her commonplace book, the paper watermarked 1808.

BROWNE, Harriet Mary. Deganwy Castle. By Harriet Mary Browne. Conway, 19th Aug, 1811, between 13 & 14 years old.

REID, Jane Caroline. A Sketch book of Indian figures and scenes, no date the paper appears to be watermarked Whatman 1819.

RIDDLES & CHARADES, by Camilla Miller, Baronett, 1820.

SLAVERY. A scarce Georgian period large red wax seal entitled: "SOCIETY FOR THE CONVERSION OF NEGRO SLAVES". c1820.

BANFIELD, Ursula., Miss. (born c1795). Her commonplace book.

HANSON, John.(1759-1839). An Attempted Record of Various Occurrences and Matters Relating to my Family and to myself, from an early period to the end of the year 1829.

GRAND TOUR. Green, Charles E.M. A Journal taken at Heidelberg in the summer of 1853.

WATERHOUSE, T. A sketchbook kept by this young student at Bristol Road School Birmingham in 1858.

ALGIERS & SPAIN. F. M. 1881. Attractive and competent pencil and watercolour sketches of Algerian and Spanish subjects.

ALPHABET. A charming handwritten Victorian Alphabet completed in 1896 as a gift for young Winnie.

THEATRE ROYAL DRURY LANE. House Receipt Book No 1. Boxing Day December 26th 1919 - 2nd April 1921.


BELLRINGING. A ‘Ringing Records’ book, kept by D.M. Killingley between 1947 and 1954.

LISBON REVOLUTION, 1836. A very detailed manuscript eye-witness account of the Revolution in Lisbon in 1836.

JACKSON, Ann. A commonplace book, with recently published poems by Byron, and other material in verse and prose. 1815-1820.

R.S. Loose Sketch of a Hasty Walk from Minehead, through Porlock, Coombe Martin, Ilfracombe, Barnstaple, South Molton, by North Molton, across the Forest of Exmoor, through Exford, and Luckham, to Minehead. In May 1801.

MANUSCRIPT. An early 19th century manuscript headed ‘Directions in Oil Painting’.

[KEBLE, John., father of the Oxford Movement, 1792-1866]. A well presented early 19th century theological manuscript.

BAUMGARTNER, Augusta Knight. A small notebook, entitled “Some Strange Animals, A.K.B.” with fantastical hand drawn and coloured images from her vivid imagination, with descriptions of the creatures.

OXFORD PRISON. A most unusual illustrated letter written by Edward Fullbrook, a ‘mad’ prisoner, dated December 28th 1836.

HOWARD, Henry Charles, 13th Duke of Norfolk (1791-1856). An original volume relating to inheritance provisions for his children, 1841.

MAISEY, Charlotte. An Album Amoricum with sketches and a note by friends during her visit to France and Switzerland in 1838.

SKETCHBOOK, Sullington & Storrington, West Sussex. A small pocket sketchbook with 8 accomplished pencil sketches, initialled E.G, 1829.

GISBURN FOREST. Survey and Valuation of the Rev H.S. Brome’s Estates in Gisburn Forest, 1825.

EBORALL, Lieut. Samuel. A wonderfully candid account of his schooling, and life in the navy in the early 19th century

KAYE, Jonas., of Millshaw Hall, Yorkshire. A collection of receipts, bills, and notes from 1667-1724, the year following his death.

OXFORD CANAL NAVIGATION. A manuscript document relating to the transfer or sale of shares in the Oxford Canal Navigation in 1804.

SPICES & BAKING. A sample, or teaching, case with 160 samples. c1950.

OPIUM. Eight pages, folio, written in French, containing extracts from, and references to many of the early 19th century accounts of opium.

HICKES MILLER, Maria Elizabeth, and William., of Barnstable. Their commonplace book, dated by William 1836 on one end-paper, and 1848 by Maria on another.

CLAY, Fanny & Thomas. An account book, recording payments and receipts between November 1800 and February 1812.

GIORNALE DI CASA, 1793 in 1796. A large household or merchant’s account book.

CHIESA CATTEDRALE. Vacchetta pel Anno 1781 della Chiesa Cattedrale. [Duomo, Milan?]

CAMERON, Gertrude. Horo Te. Calligraphic presentation leaf, gilt title leaf, 3 fine illuminated leaves, and a final calligraphic leaf noting her name. 1920.

HERALDIC MANUSCRIPT 1617. Scot, John. The Foundation of the Universitie of Cambridge.

HUGHES, Mary Elizabeth Murhall., of Acton House, Wrexham. A finely illuminated heraldic manuscript. 1823.

CANARY ISLES, BARBADOS, WEST INDIES &c. Journal of H.M. Ships, Duke of Wellington, Pilot, Royal Adelaide & Volage. Kept by Montagu W. Consett, Midshipman. July 1889 - March 1891.

SKETCHBOOK. A Grand Tour watercolour and pencil sketchbook, June 1828-1832. Bagneres de Bigorre, Hautes-Pyrénées, France.

CAMERON, Emy E. Two volumes of a charming ‘family’ magazine entitled the Daily Chronicle, written and illustrated by Emy E. Cameron and her friends and family. 1887.

CEYLON TEA. A folio ledger containing a Register of Members of the Dimbula Valley (Ceylon) Tea Company Limited, 1896-1930.

CEYLON COFFEE PLANTATIONS. A notebook with 70 numbered pages, 1847-1853.

RADCLIFFE INFIRMARY, Oxford. ‘The Infirmary’. A 29 page inventory, c1850.

MISS DAWES Pocket Book. Her diary and note of expenses written in Le Souvenir or Pocket Tablet for 1826.

NANSON, Thomas. (born Carlisle 1802), young artist, and later became the Mayor of Carlisle 1865-1866. A very interesting record of his daily living expenses while in London in his early twenties, as a student at the Mechanics Institute, 1824-28.

POWELL, C. An early 19th century sketch book containing 20 pencil drawings. The inside front cover is inscribed C Powell Nov 30th 1821.

FAIRFAX, Edward., Lord. "Your Lordships very affectionat kinsman and servant, Clare" to Lord Fairfax, asking for Fairfax's help with lodgings and a stable when Holles and Lord North attend the King at York on the 24th of the month. [1640].

WINKBURN SCHOOL, near Newark, Notttinghamshire. A day journal of the school from its opening in April 1877 to October 1913.

HARE HILL, Cheshire. A handwritten diary, August 30th 1823 - February 15th 1824.

FRANCE, 1861. “A Ten Week’s Ramble in Normandy and Brittany, with a stroll up the Loire & down the Seine."

THOMPSON, Reginald Edward, (1834-1912). An original sketchbook of classical studies, Brighton. 1850.

LAW. An extensive archive of material relating to the insolvency, prosecution, and imprisonment in Lancaster Castle in 1842, of James Latham.

MacLEOD, Right Honourable Lady Emily. Two companion pocket books written by the Right Honorable Lady Emily MacLeod in 1812 & 1816.

LAKE DISTRICT. How We Spent Our Holidays: or, a Pedestrian Tour in the Isle of Man and through the English Lake District. 1863-64.

CANADA. A Canadian Pioneer’s Photograph Album. Possibly the Grafton Family. 115 images (on 101 pages, and 3 additional loose images) of Southern Canada, Saskatchewan and Alberta area. 1920.

GARDINER, Heddie. Her diary for 1915, written in a Home Diary and Ladies’ Note Book, and with inserted letters, and postcards. She lived in a fashionable part of Fulham, and was great friends with Maxwell Armfield, McKnight Kauffer, and the composer Cyril Scott.

PAWNBROKER. A 19th century Pawnbroker’s Pledge Book belonging to Isaac Collis, 5 Church Street, Whitehaven.

LAMBETH. A diary kept by a lawyer, residing in Cobham, and working from Chambers in Lambeth, with daily entries covering the period January 1st 1866 to December 31st 1873.

CRIMEAN WAR. An album of 58 mounted portrait photographs.

PRICE FAMILY, Hackney, London. Two manuscript diaries, one for 1855-1857, and the other 1858.

WILSON, Daniel., fifth bishop of Calcutta.A handwritten mourning biography of his elder sister Ann Bateman (born 1776), wife of William Bateman, and the mother of nine children, all of who survived her.

LAW. An extensive archive of material relating to the insolvency, prosecution, and imprisonment in Lancaster Castle in 1842, of James Latham.

ALDRIDGE, H., of Southampton. His letter book for 1837, 524 hand-written pages of copy letters, written by him nearly every day from August 1st - December 17th 1837.

RIPLEY FREE SCHOOL, Yorkshire., Sir Williams Amcotts Ingleby. A large folio ledger containing continuous accounts for the school from July 1831, after its rebuilding, to December 1958.

TOWNSEND, Lady Charles. (Raynham Hall, Norfolk, and Cavendish Square, London.) An Inventory of Linen taken May 1829. Linen new in 1830. Linen new 1832.

INVENTORY of ye Household Goods att Clapham, bought by Mr Horne, March 6, 1753. They previously belonged to a Mrs Thornton. 1753.

PRINTER & PUBLISHER. An archive of material relating to the Kendal printer Titus Wilson, and his family. 1830's onwards.

MONK WARD BAKERS. An Account of the number and weight of loaves bought in by different bakers. Monk Ward. Wednesday February 4th 1795 - February 26th 1795.

STOBSHIEL, Humbie, East Lothian, Scotland. A handwritten notebook and copy letter book, with over 80 pages written between 1862 and 1880 detailing building and garden works, with additional pages of accounts for the work.

BILLINGSLEY ESTATE. Reference to a Map of an Estate in the Parish of Billingsley in the County of Salop. The property of the most noble Henry Duke of Cleveland. 1847.

BATTY, Captain. Autograph Journal of Johanna Maria Barrow, daughter of Sir John Barrow of Ulverston, describing her courtship by the soldier and artist Captain Robert Batty. 1821.

STAFFORDSHIRE ESTATE. A large quantity of early 19th century manuscript bills and receipts, together with an account book for the period 1825-1830, relating to the upkeep of the Shareshill Estate in Staffordshire.

INSTITUTIONES PHILOSOPHICA. Five volume, manuscript treatise, dated 1759 on one calligraphic title-page, with the name Nicolao Rolland. 1759.

MEDICAL CARICATURE. An original pen and ink sketch of a surgeon and pupils performing surgery on a patient’s back. In a later, but not recent black and gilt frame. 1812.

QUAKER MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE, Bristol. A fine and large 18th century vellum marriage certificate for the wedding of Robert Simpson, Apothecary of Bristol, and Mary Tully, on 26th May 1768.

SEYMOUR, Louisa Caroline Harcourt. A most interesting & detailed young lady’s private journal, written over the two years following her father’s death in November 1849, and which records her drawing lessons with the artist William Leitch. 1852.

SEYMOUR, Minnie. A charming needlework sampler. The Prince of Wales, his mistress, Maria Fitzherbert, and their ‘adopted’ daughter Minnie Seymour. c1806

HANDEL. Manuscript Victorian Arrangements of Handel for Piano. c1880.

BICKERSTETH, Robert. Case notes of patients at the Royal Infirmary Edinbugh, November 1803 to January 1804.

BICKERSTETH, Robert. Manuscript Notebooks of the Lectures on Anatomy and Surgery of Mr Henry Cline and Mr Astley Cooper. 1805-1806.

JEDBURGH DISPENSARY., 1807-1970. A complete record from its establishment to closure.

THE CAMPAIGN IN TIRAH, 1897-1898. An expedition against the Orakzais and Afridis, under the command of General Sir William Lockhart, to exact reparation for their unprovoked attacks on the Peshawar-Kohat border, attacks on British frontier posts, and raids into British territory.

BICKERSTETH, Robert. Catalogue of the Library of Mr Robert Bickersteth. Liverpool. 1830.

HAMILTON, Lady Mary Christopher Nisbet., daughter of the 7th Earl & Countess of Elgin. Her journal of a tour to the continent which she commenced in July 1857.

MANUSCRIPT. A lady’s travel journal of a period of residence in France for 7 months in 1828.

JANE EYRE. A New Musical Play (in Two Acts). Based on the novel by Charlotte Bronte. Book: by Roy Harley Lewis & Hal Shaper. Lyrics: by Hal Sharper. Music: by Monty Stevens. The Theatre Royal, Windsor. 1961.

TINKER, and AMOR FAMILIES - the lost village of Imber, Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire. A small collection of family papers, contained in a home-made 18th century leather covered wooden box, lined with earlier pages from a Welsh bible. 1629 onwards

TURNER, Frances Bell. A seven page, closely written, original story submitted to the literary annual ‘The Pledge of Friendship’ for possible publication. c1830.

CHILEAN ANDES. Eleven original 1905 unmounted photographs showing scenes of a journey through the Chilean Andes in May 1905.

BROOKLANDS, MOTOR RACING & EARLY AVIATION. The original manuscript and accompanying typescript of an unpublished memoir with the working title “The Brooklands Boy - autobiographical reminiscences by Edward E.M. Rogers.”

EDINBURGH SEANCES. A collection of hand-written and typed records of spiritualist meetings, voice circles, séances, card readings &c. They have been written by a Mrs. Emmeline Vyner, 22a Haddington Place, Edinburgh, and date to 1934 & 1935.

An album of photographs compiled by two families of Belgian refugees in 1916. It is dedicated “With best wishes for Christmas” from the Doreye and Forgeur families, and signed and dated Mountfield, Kent, 1916.

RUSSIA. Tour via Calais, Brussels, & Berlin to St Petersburg & Moscow, Returning by way of Berlin, Heringsdorf, Dresden, Maintz, Cologne, Brussels & Calais to London. June & July 1899. R. W. Tweedie.

BISHOP AUCKLAND. An interesting record of Bishop Auckland in August 1898, by an anonymous amateur artist.

COUNTRY HOUSES. A late 19th century album with 66 very good quality photographs entitled ‘Our Neighbourhood’, depicting country houses, some now demolished, and also related local scenery in North Yorkshire.

THE DIARY OF A LADY, January 1st 1858 to December 31st 1861. Fully written on 435 pages, with entries for every day.

GOETHE. Egmont. An original, and apparently unpublished handwritten translation of Goethe’s tragic play, into Polish, c1840.

AUCTION ACCOUNT BOOK. Furniture &c., High Street Stourbridge. I. Downing Esq., Surgeon. July 2nd & 3rd 1839.

BALLOONING & PUGILISTICS. The manuscript diary of a Croydon Vicar, January 1st - December 31st 1824.

JEWELLERY. An Inventory of the Jewells and Plate of Weedon Perry Esq., late of the parish of Turvill in ye County of Bucks, deceased, taken the twenty third day of May 1721 by Richd. Green, Citizen & Goldsmith of London.

SUTTON, the Hon. Major-General Robert., Scrofton, Nottinghamshire. A mid 18th century receipt book detailing individual payments for purchases, repairs, and expenses, from January 1732 to November 1776.

CAMBLESFORTH GRANGE, and Carlton Farm, Yorkshire. Four volumes of estate accounts, three recording wages, and the other domestic expenses and several cookery recipes. 1828 onwards.

GLYNLLIFON, near Caernarvon. An interesting group of early 19th century Inventories of furniture and plate belonging to Thomas Wynn, 1st Baron Newborough (1736-1807), at Glynllifon and at Maenan Abbey, near Llanrwst. The first is dated just twelve days after his death on the 12th October 1807.

ELIOT, T.S. A fine typed letter, signed, and unpublished, and expressing Eliot’s thoughts on university education, and the art of writing verse. It is written to his friend and occasional collaborator Ronald Duncan, and dated 19th October 1942.

WYATT, William., Derbyshire Lead Mining owner and agent. His personal account book covering the period from April 1783 - January 1802.

FORTUNE TELLING. A mid 19th century fortune telling parlour game. 130 handwritten pages, written in a very readable hand.

LAWKLAND HALL, Settle, North Yorkshire. A very nice example of a country house account book, kept by Mrs Ingleby, and covering the period 1825 to 1839.

THE KING’S GARDEN. A Memorandum of 15 Generall Plantes wch used to be served to the late Kings table, sometimes at diners, some times at Suppers.” 1690.

SIR A. HESILRIGE’S RENTAL BOOK. A detailed record of income received from his farms and other properties, together with itemised expenses for repairs, and improvements to the estate from 1756-1763.

ALICE IN WONDERLAND. A late 19th century sketchbook containing skilful pen and ink drawings by Amy B. Moore, of Bourton-on-the-Water in the Cotswolds, and dated March 1885.

HOUSEHOLD BOOK. A mid 19th century manuscript book, fully written on all of its 280 pages with medicinal remedies, household receipts for polishes, varnishes &c., and recipes for cordials & wines, pickles & relishes, puddings and cakes.

A JOURNEY TO HEREFORD, 1859. A comic, but actual account, written by two young brothers, M.H.L. and H.H.L[aken].

CANON OF STOWEY & WELLS. Three volumes recording monthly details of ‘bills to be paid’ and ‘cash to be received’, handwritten in the Illustrated London Alamanack for 1854-1856.

COOKERY. A mid 19th century collection of recipes and household remedies compiled by Fanny Augusta Stanley between 1851 and 1877.

QUEEN VICTORIA, Assassination attempt. A contemporary account of the failed attempt on the Queen’s life, by Edward Oxford on June 18th 1840.

CANADA, Yorkshire Settlers. Two very good 19th century letters written by young brothers in Canada to their family back home in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. 1834.

AUSTRALIAN WINE, New South Wales, 1825. A small collection of manuscript material relating to the early importation of Madeira wine to purchasers in Sydney in 1825.

COVERLY, C. The harrowing personal diary of a young impoverished teacher moving between the London, and East Anglia, September 1815 - August 1828.

WILDMAN’S CLUB, Albermarle Street. A handwritten list of members of “The Club in Albemarle Street”, most probably compiled by one of the original members. 1764.

GOWER, Nathanael. A commonplace place book of seventy four pages, containing notes on his own family history, a fifteen page “account of my books”, and other miscellaneous maxims. 1692.

HUSBANDRY. A late 17th century English manuscript volume containing remedies for ailments in cows, calves and horses.

ALCHEMY. A late 17th century recipe for alchemist’s philosophical mercury, or salt of mercury.

PHILOSOPHY STUDENT, possibly Scottish. A late 17th century manuscript written in two contemporary hands from either end of the volume.

FIRE GRATES. A fine collection of very well executed original watercolour designs for cast iron and brass fire grates, some with ornate tiled surrounds. c1880.

WOODCUTTING before and after Bewick. A mid 19th century manuscript divided into three sections: Woodcutting before Bewick; Bewick and his Works; Woodcutting after its Restoration, Bewick’s pupils.

HAY, William H. A mid 19th century volume containing original 29 pen and ink architectural drawings (some with added sepia wash).

COLOURS & INKS. An early 19th century manuscript of sixteen pages setting out recipes for writing ink, ink powder, red ink, yellow ink, to make letters or other characters of a gold or silver colour, preparing gold to write with, fine red ink of vermilion, artificial water for writing letters of secrecy.

LEATHER MERCHANT. An eighteenth century ‘Market Book’ kept by John William Payne, a seller of hides and skins, recording his customers and sales at various local markets, and covering the period November 24th 1781 to October 1st 1783.

SOUTH KYME SCHOOL., Lincolnshire. A detailed record of every school day from March 1st 1900, to March 31st 1926.

SHROPSHIRE ESTATE. A mid 19th century pocket memorandum book kept by a cattle farmer, or estate manager from the 1830's to the 1850's, with some interesting later entries from the 1860's relating to wine making in America.

BEAULIEU ESTATE. [Lord Montagu]. Account book for brickmaking, making & repairing roads, carting, labouring, and also some farm accounts, 1867-1881.

DE SELINCOURT, Ernest. His working notebook used for preparing material for his public lectures. c1920.

KARACHI, and 2nd Afghan War, 1878-1880. A handwritten song-book compiled by an officer in the Ordnance Department, Karachi.

TRAVEL. A Tour on the Continent by G.T. A late 19th century travel journal, written by an unnamed author (apart from his initials), in a neat hand on 43 pages on one side only.

TRIALS & PUNISHMENT. A mid 19th century manuscript setting out “the order and form of keeping General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, and Gaol Delivery.”

MAKING PLACE HALL ACADEMY, near Sowerby Bridge, Yorkshire. A mid 19th century half morocco school book kept by John C. Platt, of Husteads, Saddleworth, a young student at the Academy.

ARGENTINA. A collection of nine autograph letters (some extensive and cross written) 1836-38 from a young Englishman, Jonathan Downes, who has moved to Argentina to run a cattle ranch.

LADY’S DIARIES, 1828-1839. A collection of eleven diaries kept by Mrs Samuel Newsom, of Woodbridge, Suffolk, and also of 24 Brewer Street, Golden Square, London.

TINDALL, James. An early 19th century commonplace and account book kept by this Yorkshire gentleman, possibly James Tindall, Esq., of Knedlington, near Howden.

FRENCH REVOLUTION. An interesting early 19th century English manuscript biographical dictionary of notable characters involved in the French Revolution.

RECIPE BOOK. An extensive 18th century manuscript, c1780, 200 pages plus additional blanks, with a fascinating variety of recipes for metalwork, varnishes, stains, and household remedies.

YOUDALE, W.H. A most interesting late 19th and early 20th century manuscript kept by an amateur artist, and film-maker. It contains notes on technique, materials, and concludes with a record of 191 of his pictures in oils or watercolours which were painted between 1873 and 1922.

INDIA. An album of original photographs taken in Dacca, Amritsar (Golden Temple), Solon, and Sialkot. The majority date from 1933-1935, and this was clearly a military posting.

HOUSE INVENTORY. A detailed room by room inventory of ‘valuable articles’ and ‘fixtures’ of a large, but not a grand, early 19th century house.

COOKERY, REMEDIES. An early 19th century household book kept by a London lady, the earliest entry dated 1808.

BACON, Francis., Vicar of Ausley, Warwick. A long and detailed letter written to John Ludford of Ausley Hall, in reply to his letter of June 5 [1650].

SCOTTISH ASSASSINATION. A late 18th century transcript of an original letter,‘in the possession of Colonel Vans Agnew of Sheuchan’, setting out an agreement between John Earl of Cassilis and ‘Hew Kennedy’, & a yearly pension of ‘twelff hundreth marks’ for the assassination of ‘the Laird of Auchindraneis’.

LEAMINGTON SPA. Two manuscript poems c1840 satirising the activities of Dr Henry Jephson who was largely responsible for the creation of the Victorian resort of Leamington Spa and established the pleasure gardens which are still a feature of the town and which bear his name.

COACH PAINTER. Six 19th century record books for coach painters’ membership of The United Kingdom Society of Coach Makers, established 1834.

WENLOCK BREWERY. A mid 19th century account book, 22 pages, interleaved with blotting paper, and the entries accompanied by revenue stamps.

INDIAN MURDER TRIAL. An early 19th century nine page court document relating to a drug related murder of a 12 year old boy.

HARTLEY CASTLE, Cumbria. Two detailed folio accounts dated 1704 for itemised work at the Castle.

HARSTON, Edward., Sherborne, Devon. His large folio commonplace book kept for nearly his entire adult life from 1820 to 1873.

RIDDLES, PUZZLES, WORD GAMES. A most attractive 19th century example of a private family’s book of home amusements. 59 pages with 91 separate riddles &c., and a 4 page list of answers at the end.

POVERTY. A ‘Poor Book’ manuscript notebook for 1815, together with other handwritten material relating to Poor relief, Gosberton, Lincolnshire.

HOPTON ESTATE ARCHIVE 1753-1815., Canon Frome Court nr. Ledbury & Icomb, Glos. Four detailed manuscript volumes relating to the estates, the tenants, farming and household expenditure, Anne Hopton’s personal expenses for 1802-1815, and a comprehensive inventory of the furniture and plate in the house.

OXFORD, Radcliffe Infirmary, 1907-1908. A most interesting personal record book kept by Dr John William Scott Macfie, who was appointed as a junior house surgeon in 1907, the year after his registration.

SCHOOL FOR YOUNG GENTLEMEN. Original vellum bound folio account ledger for 'Alpha House Preparatory School for Young Gentlemen' Cresswell Park, Blackheath, [London].

SUSSEX CHURCHES. R. Easum, 1864. An album of 55 accomplished pen and ink drawings of names churches, each neatly mounted and the majority identified by hand in the lower margin.

MISS YOUNG’s EDUCATION. An early 19th century album kept by a young lady at a Dundee private academy.

WHITWORTH, C. A Journal Commenced Dec. 1st 1820; concluded in February 1822.

BIGLAND, George and John., of Bigland Hall, Backbarrow, Cumbria. Household account book from April 1818 to February 1831, and (in pencil) from January 1833 to April 1850.

WAY, Mrs., of Hill House, Acton, London. (died 1816). An extensive collection of late 18th and early 19th century manuscript verses, transcribed in a variety of hands, and written by, or given to Mrs Way.

ACCOUNT BOOK, Oxfordshire. A detailed early 19th century account book, over 350 pages, kept by a wealthy Oxfordshire land-owner from 1808-1814.

RUTHERFORD, Private Robert. “Remarks made in the Year 1808.” A most unusual 36 page journal written during a march from Alnwick in Northumberland, through Durham, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, thence to London, and onwards into Essex and Kent, Suffolk, ending near Landguard Fort which protected Harwich Bay.

BAYLIS, Anne. An early 19th century account book recording her personal ‘contingent expenses’ between July 1803 and July 1806.

DUC DE BERRY, Monsieur Le. A detailed handwritten account of funds granted to the Duc de Berry for the payment of his house, in April 1800.

REFLECTIONS ON THE FORMATION OF THE UNIVERSE. The author’s fragmentary working drafts for a late 18th century manuscript work concerning natural philosophy and religion. The paper is watermarked 1795.

AYR ELECTIONS. A most interesting archive of manuscript material, mainly addressed by James and Adam Fergusson to Robert Moore of Blairston, and documenting ‘confidential’ information gathered on political allegiances, voters’ potential decisions, and intended promises for votes. Ten documents and letters, and a manuscript record book recording voters allegiances in the Ayr election of 1789.

CROFT, Frances. A record of the administration of the estate of James Croft following his death in 1753.

MEDICAL. A late 17th or very early 18th century handwritten sheet of instructions to a patient for a plaster to treat sciatica in his foot.

ALLICOCKE FAMILY, Loddington, Northamptonshire. A collection of late 17th and 18th century family account & estate receipt books, and a commonplace book. All in very good original condition, bound in clean original vellum, and covering a period of over 70 years.

FARINGTON, Joseph. An interesting and very early letter written by the young Joseph Farington, from Houghton [Hall], dated October 4th 1773, and addressed to Mr [John] Boydell, Cheapside, London.

DUKE OF RICHMOND., Charles Lennox, 3rd. A document signed and sealed by Charles Lennox, 3rd Duke of Richmond, appointing Alexander Adair and Thomas Bullock, gentlemen of Whitehall to be his agents . 1779

BELLE ISLE. A nineteenth century manuscript journal kept by Edward Bourne, whilst staying at Belle Isle, Windermere, with the Curwen family. It is written on 25 pages and covers the period June 4th - 7th September 1829.

BOW BRICK-HILL. Reference to the Plan of Bow Brick-Hill in the County of Buckingham. 1810.

METHODISM. A collection of religious writings contained within 5 notebooks along with numerous loose hand written pages inserted into the books. Written by a mother and daughter, named Sarah and Margaret, who lived in Derby, and were Methodists.

SEA TEMPEST. “A Memorandum of a Violent Tempest of Thunder and Lightning which happen’d on Friday the 16th of July 1708 between the hours of seven & eight of the clock in the ev’ning, which fell with such violence upon a Passage-Wherry, John Woollward Mastr, coming from Harwich to Ipswich.

HOLKHAM. A manuscript ‘Account of Thomas Ashworth’s Journey to Holkham in Norfolk’, 1827.

GRAVES, Robert. Unrecorded autograph manuscript drafts of his poem ‘Storm: At the Farm Window’, which was published in the collection The Pier Glass in February 1921.

ROWAN, Alexander. An interesting collection of original art-work by the 19th century artist Alexander Rowan

PARIS & NORMANDY. Diary of a Tour in Paris & Normandy, August 9th-29th 1880, kept by A.J. Birkett.

LIVERPOOL ARCHITECTURAL & ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY. The original minute books of the Liverpool Architectural and Archaeological Society from it’s foundation in March 1st 1848 to 1868, and the members & visitors book from 1848 to 1873.

LECKIE, Mary Ann & Maria. An early 19th century pocket sketchbook, with twelve "Grand Tour" miniature pencil drawings of various stately homes & landscapes across France, Italy, England & Scotland each dated for the year 1831.

PROSECUTION OF FELONS. Fridaythorpe and Huggate Association for the Prosecution of Felons. Book of Laws, Orders, Regulations and Resolutions of the above Association. 1827.

SIR ROBERT PEEL and the Currency Debate. Contemporary transcripts, most probably by a secretary, of John Parish Jun.’s correspondence with Robert Peel, regarding the currency debate in 1822.

NORFOLK YEOMANRY, ( FENCIBLE ) CAVALRY 1794 - 1795. E Troop Orderly Book. Covering the period July 13, 1794 to August 19, 1795.

CURRER, John [of Kildwick Hall, near Skipton, Yorkshire]. A Survey with Maps of Lands lying within several Townships in the County of York, belonging to John Currer, Esquire. By S.Addison & G[eorge] Lang, 1771.

SMART, Edgar Rowley. (1887-1934). An unpublished and possibly unique memoir of a bohemian artist, and forgotten English impressionist.

ELLWOOD, Thomas. Scraps of English Folk Lore compiled by Thomas Ellwood. 1884.

NORRIS, Captain., Rifle Brigade, Winchester. A mid 19th century journal recording a number of annual tours, in England, Scotland, France, Ireland, and Canada. Five tours written in one volume, inscribed at front, “Captain Norris, Rifle Brigade, Winchester”. Captain William Norris married Frederica Burrard (b. 1837), the daughter of Sir Charles Burrard, in 1863.

EUROPEAN TOUR. A mid 19th century tour by an English traveller, visiting Germany (Cologne, Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden, Leipzing, Nuremburg, Munich, Augsburg) - Switzerland - and Italy (Milan, Venice, Verona). The tour took place between 6th August - 23rd September 1856.

IRELAND. An unusual mid 19th century sketchbook of 27 accomplished pencil, and pen and ink drawings, some with wash, and three with added watercolour.

MOSSES. A most attractive pocket sketchbook kept by 16 year old Miss Louisa Seymour, a keen plant collector, with pen and ink and watercolour drawings of mosses. c1844.

MENZIES, John., of Edinburgh. Accounts for the Year of our Lord 1796, being Leap Year.

ILLEGAL DISTILLING & SMUGGLING, Scotland. A mid 18th century manuscript book kept by a senior Scottish excise officer.

THOMPSON, Beilby. A detailed account book recording payments received for rent from successive members of the Ashton family for his properties in Yorkshire. 1710.

D’ARNOUVILLE, Eugénie Choppin. (1774-1843). Her personal commonplace book containing original poems, translations and notes written when she was just sixteen in 1790 and continued throughout her life until 1841.

SILHOUETTES. An unusual mid nineteenth century morocco album lettered in gilt on the upper cover ‘The Many Headed Monster’. c1850.

AUCTION. An extensive and most interesting collection of 18th century documents relating to the ‘Sales of Household Furniture, Labouring Utensils &c sold by public roup at Pinaclehill the 8th May 1780, belonging to Miss [Mary]Turner.

SCHOOLROOM MAGAZINE, Fyfield, Berkshire. A collection of ten hand-written monthly magazines, each with charming original pen, ink and watercolour drawings of the children and classroom at the village school. 1892.

ANSTEY PASTURES. A mid 19th century album of accomplished pencil, and pen-and-ink drawings by members and friends of the Martin family, with views of the hall, its drawing room, family members, dogs, Whatton Hall, and a number of drawing exercises by their son Charley.

LAKE DISTRICT. A manuscript account, with pen-and-ink illustrations, of two early railway journeys made from London in the summer of 1863 and 1864.

ARCHITECT’S SKETCH BOOK from the 1850s. The book appears to have belonged to the 19th century architect Charles Ellison, founder of the firm C.O.Ellison of Liverpool.

TOUR JOURNAL. A mid 19th century account of a tour from Hertford to the south coast at Gosport, Portsmouth, and on to the Isle-of Wight in 1846.

DANCE, George (1741-1825). An original pencil caricature of a fantastic ‘dinosaur’ creature, entitled on the reverse ‘Sir John Sinclair, Bart. Remuneration’, and G. Dance, Upper Gower Street..

MYLNE, Emily (and family). An early to mid 19th century album of original drawings by Emily Mylne, and other members of her family.

GRAND TOUR. A very readable and educated journal of travels from London, to Germany, Austria, and Italy, June - December 1805. It is written by a well-connected and highly literate young man, the son of ‘K’, his father only identified by this initial, as are his brother and uncle. He carries introductions to noble houses, dines with Robert Walpole [Horace’s younger brother], and the Envoy Henry Wynn, in Dresden.

STACKHOUSE, Edward William. [Captain of Royal Miners Cavalry]. Four early 19th century pocket books detailing movements, dining arrangement, bills etc.

INVENTORY. An Inventory of the Household Furniture, China & Glass of Edw. Williams Esq at his dwelling house at Tingrith in Bedfordshire, taken May 20th 1772.

WYNNE, Luttrell. "Gen. Observations on Holland." An 18 page manuscript notebook, with drawings of a beehive, plough, and notes on travelling, the ‘regularity of this people’, climate, soil, skill in beekeping.

DICTIONARY. A mid 18th century reader’s non-alphabetical manuscript dictionary, or word-book.

WELL HALL, Eltham, Kent. An exceptional collection of detailed manuscript accounts and receipts relating to elaborate joinery work and improvements undertaken by James Darney and his workmen for Charles Henshaw and his wife in the first quarter of the 18th century, at Well Hall.

COMMONPLACE BOOK. An interesting late 17th century commonplace book, which appears to have been handed down through successive generations of the family, with 18th and also some early 19th century contributions. The inclusion of material relating to the D’Arcy and Hutton families of Yorkshire suggest that this is a likely provenance for the volume at some point in its history.

LETTERS FROM HMS SALVATOR, the Admiral’s armed Yacht in Russian waters during the Baltic Campaign (1918-1919).

BATH ARCHITECT. A charming pocket watercolour book kept by the prominent Bath Architect James Wilson (1816-1900). There are 57 landscape and architectural views, one double-page, and include Beckford’s Tower, Woodville, and local churches and scenery.

FAWKES, Maria., of Farnley Hall. Two commonplace books written in 1818 and 1819.

WALLER, Frederick S. [Architect, Gloucestershire]. A collection of four original sketchbooks of architectural designs, and also recording a trip to Egypt illustrated with accomplished watercolours.

PRINTING SET FOR THE BLIND. An unusual mid 19th century mahogany portable braille embossing set for the blind, with a hinged ‘galley’, and a lidded compartment divided into 30 sections containing 50 printing blocks with pins.

APPRENTICE PAINTER. An 18th century Indenture apprenticing a poor boy, Hugh Forster, for seven years to learn the art of “painter and house-painter” with George Sparrow, a painter from Stamford, Lincolnshire in 1795.

CONGO. Armstrong, W.D. Sunrise on the Congo. A rare unpublished typescript account of the earlier years of the Congo Balolo Mission in the late 19th century.

WALES. A handwritten account of a ‘Tour to North Wales’ in 1830, by Anna Maria Williams.

FLAXTON. A detailed record entitled Flaxton Land’s Accounts recording disbursements “for the education of poor boys and binding them apprentices”, churchwarden’s accounts for educating poor boys and poor people, and other charity payments.

BENSON, Frances. Interesting Extracts from the Diaries of Mrs Frances Benson of Abbots Reading, and also Extracts from other Sources, collected by H.E. Dickson.

WESTCHESTER TIMES, The Bronx, New York. The fascinating original manuscript autobiography of the owner of the Westchester Times, who was born c1857.

SILVERSMITH. A detailed original notebook, with illustrations, kept by W.H. Cooper, a silversmith working in London (?) between 1912 and 1915.

KNITTING. A late 19th century manuscript notebook of knitting patterns, mainly for babies and young childrens clothes, and possibly relating to Ribston Hall, Yorkshire.

HAYES, Catherine. An exquisite decorative pen and ink memento, executed in micro penwork, “and presented to Catherine Hayes, by her admiring countryman, W.A. Dunlop, New Orleans, February 1852.”

TOUR TO GERMANY. A sketchbook kept by Michael M. Humble, of the Rectory, Sutton-cum-Duckmanton, Derbyshire, during a trip to Germany and Northern Europe in 1844.

HOOPER, Richard. A mid 19th century handwritten account of the trials and complications in the life of the Reverend Anthony Alsop, who was accused of breach of contract in marriage to Mrs Elizabeth Anstrey of Oxford.

EDWARDS, J.A. Two volumes of original verse and prose by a minor Manchester poet, resident at St John’s Place in the 1840's

SWITZERLAND AND NORTH ITALY. An early 19th century journal kept by an English lady detailing her tour which took place between Friday August 26th, and Thursday October 27th.

ELRINGTON, Matthew. Selections from Newspapers [and Literature]. A collection of seven small pocket volumes each completely full of pasted in newspaper cuttings, humorous illustrations and decorative hand-coloured embellishments, compiled by the most assiduous Matthew Elrington of Millfield, Northumberland.

MALTA. The journal of Martin E. Haworth, a young English Captain stationed at Fort Manoel, Valetta, Malta. April 24th - May 5th, 1835. 26 pages, together with further pages of pen and ink sketches of life, and characters on Malta.

RIDDLES & CHARADES. A manuscript book of charades, puzzles and riddles put together by a lady, Edrica Faulkner, in the 1830's and later.

LAKE DISTRICT. A 19th century manuscript journal kept by Edward Bourne, whilst staying at Belle Isle, Windermere, with the Curwen family.

GRAND TOUR. Gibson, John., of Glasgow. A very lively, well observed, and detailed journal of his comprehensive tour to Italy, undertaken between October 24th 1823 and May 11th 1824.

TOUR. Notes on a Tour through the Eastern and Western Counties of England and the Highlands of Scotland, 1818. A particularly interesting and well illustrated account of a nine month tour made by Robert Ransome, Jun., and his friend Stephen Perry.

COMMONPLACE BOOK. A very nice example of an early 19th century pocket commonplace book kept by Daniel Mocatta, of London, in 1813.

FORTIFICATION. Essays towards the Expression of some Forms belonging to Ground according to a Plan View being part of a course of instruction in military surveying &c - on the General survey received by C.H. Beague, Candidate for the Corps of Royal Engineers. 1811.

LAWRANCE, Reverend George [1763-1827]. “Manuscript Sermons by the late Reverend George Lawrance, AM. Fourteen years Curate of Saint Clement Danes, London, & Thirty-four years Lecturer of the United Parishes of Allhallows the Great & the Less. Obit. 13th September, 1827.”

DAVIDSON, Catherine. Two early 19th century commonplace books of prose and poetry.

DUFF, Archibald. (1777-1858, Naval officer, served under Nelson at the battle of Aboukir Bay, and Captain stationed off Jamaica).
A most interesting early 19th century manuscript commonplace book, containing many items relating to naval matters and colonial trade with America.

TRIAL FOR RAPE. Akerman, Richard. Manuscript document signed by Richard Akerman as Keeper of His Majesty’s Gaol at Newcastle. It states that he has taken into custody Ann Darby accused of aiding and abetting Frederick Calvert, Baron Baltimore, in his alleged rape of Sarah Woodcock.

COOKERY. A Receipt Book began the 6th of June 1751. 45 numbered and 14 unnumbered pages of recipes, the last dated January 1791.

DEVILS & DEMONS. A very rare Jesuit pocket devotional, with prayers against devils, one issued by the Inquisition in Turin in the late 16th century. It has been assembled, in the early 18th century, either by a priest, or a European traveller, to protect them against demons and other dangers.

LUDBROOK, Nathaniel. An early 19th century “Account of the Landed Property of the late N. Ludbrook, Esquire, of Great Milton, Oxon., Cookham, Berks, and Chalvey near Windsor, Berks.

ROWE, Harriet. The original manuscript diary of Harriet Elizabeth Rowe, a young married lady living in York January 1st 1856 - 14th February 1858.

WALKER, Ellis. An early 18th century manuscript copy of Ellis Walker’s 1692 translation, “Epictetus, his Enchiridion made English in a poetical paraphrase.”

YORK COACHMAKERS. Two manuscript books of minutes recording meetings of the York branch of the Society of Coachmakers, between 1849 and 1892.

HOLY ISLAND. A 17th century original document headed: "Articles between Sir Thomas Haggerston of Haggerston, and John Bowdon of Holy Island", detailing the sale of land & property on Holy Island. 1671.

SNOWE, Radulphus. ‘The Letter of Administration', signed Radulphus Snowe, relating to the Diocese of Canterbury, with reference to Marice and Johannis Gilbert. 1693.

MANOR OF ABBOTS LANGLEY, Hertfordshire, 1865-1883. Three volumes of property valuations, noting rental incomes, tenants names and addresses &c, kept by the agents Sedgwick Son & Weall, 38 High Street, Watford.

TENBY. A delightful account of a trip by the Misses Collinson, the master, the children, and friends, to Tenby in 1848, told in a series of comic pen-and-ink sketches on both sides of two folio sheets. Their landlady robs their tea caddy whilst they sleep, and removes candles to save her money, blaming mice and the war climate for the mysterious occurences.

PENMANSHIP. (Kent). A most attractive and accomplished example of ‘Specimens of Penmanship by R. Holmden, Westerham School, Christmas, 1825.’

THE LOVES AND MARRIAGE OF SOPHY AND HALLY. Designed by Charlotte Milnes, and written by William Hayley, Esq., published and drawn by Maria Bolton, 15 Hans Place, Jan 1, 1809. Four detailed pencil drawings set within decorative pen and ink borders.

TRAVIS, Eliza. A superb and highly accomplished sequence of fine pencil and watercolour drawings by Eliza Travis of Cottingham depicting a young mother with her children, from newborn infant to early childhood. They were drawn by her between November 10th 1815 and May 16th 1816, and form a charming progress through their early life, portrayed in the neo-classical fashion.

HARRIS, Henry Berners Shelley. An interesting manuscript common-place book forming a private anthology of the author’s own poems written as a young man; many recording his love for a lady which resulted in disappointment and parting. 56 poems written on 156 pages in a neat hand. Dated December 9, 1823 on the inner front board, and titled “College Exercises &c.” on the first leaf.

GUERNSEY. An extensive and important collection of 18th century manuscript and printed material relating to the law suit of Thomas Fouachin Andros against John Guille & James Andros. 1771-1784.

LEEDS MINES. A 3 page ‘Case for Opinion’ drawn up on or just after December 1696, regarding the Coal Mine at W[h]inmoor, in the Manor of Seacroft, Leeds. 1696.

WHEELWRIGHT. The manuscript account book of Sanford B. Smith, an early 19th century American itinerant wheelwright and carpenter working around the Norwich and Little Falls area of New York, 1833-1836.

LEA CASTLE - one of England’s lost country houses. This is a very attractive mid 19th century house keepers book, 1866-1868.

HOTEL INVENTORY. A 19th century Inventory and Valuation of Household Furniture, Fixtures, Fittings and Effects at the Crescent Hotel Ilkley. 1879.

A YOUNG BOY’S LIFE. A charming and very personal long manuscript account of a little boy’s life, written by his mother, from his first birthday on September 9th 1889, until September 1907.

MISS ELIZABETH ALDER. A collection of ten chatty and rather gossipy letters written addressed to Miss Alder, at Low Weetsted, North Britain, between 1765 and 1774.

GILPIN, Sawrey. A charming late 18th or very early 19th century sketchbook, inscribed on the upper cover “Mr S. Gilpin for Mrs Fawcett, Scaleby Castle.”

IRONMONGER. An early 19th century hand-written account from John Robison, Ironmonger & Dealer in Gold and Silver Plate, Teas & &c, of Penrith.

PARSONS FAMILY (Sussex). A small collection of 18th century documents relating to the Parsons family of the Sussex and Southampton area.

POVERTY PLEA LETTERS. An interesting collection of six letters written by very poor and semi-literate people, requesting charity, or employment, and addressed to ‘Honored Madam’ or ‘Honored Lady’. One is watermarked 1809, and others are dated 1813-1816.

GRANT, J.G. Attempted Verses by J.G. G. Bishop Wearmouth. 74 pages of manuscript verse, with an attractive title-page incorporating a pen-and-ink vignette by the author. 1839-1840.

WICKSTED, Charles. His commonplace book containing a very wide variety of original prose, poetical, and illustrated material, with contributions from friends and family. 1833-1870.

LINTOTT, Walter. A 19th century album of ephemeral wood engravings entitled ‘Scraps Collected by Walter Lintott’.

ROWAN, Alexander. An interesting collection of original art-work by the 19th century artist Alexander Rowan. c1860.

PYTCHES, John T., of Woodbridge, Suffolk. Tom Pytches, His Book of Wisdom & Cuteness, Log of the Blue Belle, RHYC, and also a Xmas Supplement, Anecdotes in Verse and Worse, humbly dedicated to the Governor of the Asylum for Idiots, by a long lost brother. Short Poems for the Nursery for those who laugh and never cry (in the style of Edward Lear).. c1869.

ARTS & CRAFTS FURNITURE MAKER. George Faulkner Armitage, of Altrincham, Cheshire. A very well presented and detailed record of furniture, and fittings supplied to Mrs Annie Cooke, 10 Clifton Avenue, Fallowfield, Manchester, 1888-1889.

MY STAY WITH UNCLE ORFISNUTT [Off His Nut]. A Story of Walsall in England by V. James. A late 19th or very early 20th century handwritten comic story in five chapters set in the English Midlands town of Walsall.

MARRIOTT, Richard Samuel. A collection of seventy original and accomplished pencil drawings, 1891-1914.

RHYS, Mrs Charles. The Graphick Scrap Book, a Collection of Engravings by Jas, Storer, from original drawings by Mrs Chas. Rhys, with Descriptions. 1827.

PELLICO, Silvio. My Imprisonment or Memoirs of & by Silvio Pellico of Saluzzo. Published at Paris, 1833. (Together with...) A Treatise on the Duty of Man, 1834. A very early English manuscript translation of these two works, which were first published in Italian in 1832, and 1834.

BARBADOS. Francis Ford, plantation owner. His diary / journal for 1790.

ETLOE HOUSE, Leyton, Essex. A most elaborate gift prepared for J. Simonds, Esq., owner of Etloe House, as thanks for allowing a Bank Holiday Fete to be held on his grounds on August 4th, 1879, for the benefit of the Templar and Temperance Society. 1879.

BOTANY. A volume of manuscript lecture notes written by Alexander Primrose, a student at Edinburgh University in 1882.

GLASGOW DIARIES. The Diaries of John G.K. Young, a Glasgow shipbuilding family who moved out of the city to the coast at Girvam. They cover the years 1896-1901, and are neatly written in six matching T.J. & J. Smith's One Day Daries.

SEA OF MARMARA (Turkey). A lively and entertaining journal of sailing adventures off the coast of Turkey between 1899 and 1903.

MIDWIFERY. A manuscript diary running from January 1907 to May 1911 kept by a young nurse, detailing work and patients including midwifery.

MARINER'S SKETCHBOOK. A delightful early 19th century sketchbook by Captain John Locker, containing approx 16 finely executed watercolour studies of people he encountered in Malta in 1820.

POLL TAX - WILTSHIRE. A late 17th century manuscript titled 'A Transcript of the Record in the Excheqr of what the County of Wilts. paid to the ffirst Four Shillings Aid in the 4th yeare of the Reign of King William & Queene Mary'.

SUPPLE, Richard (of Aghadoe, Ireland). A very interesting manuscript notebook written by Richard Supple, originally of Aghadoe in Ireland, and later Great Oakley Hall in Northamptonshire. It describes his journey from Ireland and travels in England, including visiting his other lands at Leith Hill, and is completely filled with the writings of an inquisitive and enquiring mind. 1771-1785.

SEPIA STRIP DRAWINGS. A series of eleven small sepia ‘strip' drawings, depicting a battle, bear baiting, ladies gardening, dogs stealing meat from a butcher, a goat chasing a lady, carriages, and rural characters. c1790.

SADDLERY & SMUGGLING. An early 19th century account book which appears to have been kept by a saddler in the Whitstable area of North Kent, and there are references to Clapham Hill. 1801-1802.

GARDINER, General Sir Robert (1781-1864). A small collection of 25 items including family letters, notes, an account book, sketch, and other items.

LADY ESSEX. Sketches of the different places Lady E visited in her tour to the Lakes in 1819. With the name Lady Essex 1819 on the inner front board. She first visited the Earl of Derby at Knowsley Hall, then the Legh family at Lyme Park, before touring the Lake District.

TOWNSHEND, Harriet Francis. (Wincham Hall, Cheshire). A delightful early 19th century sketchbook of accomplished pencil, and sepia drawings, mainly depicting identified Welsh landscape and coastal views and rural scenery.

MARIE THERESE, Comtesse de Dembicki. A fine hand written 'Souvenir' compiled by Stanislav Francois Comte de Jaxa Dembicki, Captaine Polonais, for his wife "ma chere et aimable femme." 1832.

MUSIC. A charming little album of manuscript music, songs, and dances, written on 38 leaves on a variety of tinted papers, in original blind decorated cloth, gilt lettered ‘music' on the spine. 1834.

IRON WORKS. A most interesting Letter Book of Correspondence, 1842-1843, from the Fasque Estate, relating to the Gladstone family and the Oak Farm Works, near Dudley and Stourbridge. Further letters relate to a wide range of Gladstone's other interests, including the development of the railways, and ‘coolies' in his sugar plantations. 1842-1843.

CHEMIST & DRUGGIST. A mid 19th century account book recording purchases made by W. Thomas from George Sprackett, wholesale, retail & export druggist, 15 Wine-Street, (opposite the Pump), Bristol.. 1853.

TOMSON, Frederick William (of Coventry). Essays and Lectures, 1856.

BALMORAL CASTLE GARDENS. A three page list of 45 ferns and plants with their English and Latin names. Written on Balmoral Castle notepaper with blind stamped crest. The majority of the listing records varieties of ferns. 1860.

BYROM, Effie. A charming, gossipy, and very personal collection of late 19th century private letters, written to "my darling Effie" by her only sister Rosie, in 1884-1885. Together with other letters from close family members.

HERBARIUM. A collection of 158 dried flower, grass, lichen, and tree specimens collected in Switzerland in 1889.

THE MISSES WHYTE. A late 19th century collection of correspondence (over 100 letters), mainly written to Miss Eva Whyte of Seaforth, Malvern – a young girl growing into maturity in the early 1890s.

NUN MONKTON PRIORY. An interesting original 8 page handwritten account of a visit to view the Priory for potential purchase. c1898.

OSBORNE, Malcolm. (President of the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers). Lecture Notes for "Engraving School", Royal College of Art, 1925. His original handwritten lecture notes, dated, and with several small pen and ink illustrations.

ROLT-WHEELER, Francis. The Twenty Two Keys of Protection. Designs and text by Francis Rolt-Wheeler. Number 34 of an 'edition unique', signed by the author. c1940.

PAOLOZZI, Eduardo., (college friend). A Collection of an Edinburgh Art Student's Diaries and Papers, belonging to John Armstrong (died, no family, in 2003).

JOLLY, Elizabeth. An early 18th century document relating to the ‘release of right' on a property in Buckinghamshire, following the death of Ralph Jolly. 1726.

EUROPEAN TRAVELS. The account of a series of 19th century annual walking and sightseeing holidays by an English traveller from Datchet in Berkshire, mainly to Switzerland and the Engadin Valley, and also extending into Italy, in 1879-1888.

WHYTE, Alexander. A family register recording births, marriages, and deaths between 1715 and 1817, written by Alexander Whyte Junr, and dated 1809 on the front end paper.

BARBER'S RECEIPTS. A mid 19th century manuscript collection of receipts possibly kept by the owner of a barber's shop.

VILLA MONTALTO, Florence. "The Elysium of Beauty." A most interesting collection of large original photographs of the house, contents, and gardens, almost certainly taken in conjunction with the ‘sale by private treaty' of the property in 1905.

SAVILE, George., Marquis of Halifax. An original 17th century document appointing Richard Beaumont of Whitby Hall, Yorks as gamekeeper to the Marquis of Halifax. 1686.

COLLOMBET, Jacobi. Philosophiae Physica. A detailed and closely written late 17th century Latin manuscript. A fine neat script written by one hand in sepia ink on 360 numbered pages, and concluding ‘finis physica generalis.' 1659

MILLES, Jeremiah. A most interesting & unrecorded collection of original 18th century manuscript and printed material relating to Jeremiah Milles (1714-1784), President of the Society of Antiquaries.

ADDISON, Joseph. A small collection of early 18th century manuscript transcriptions from the works of Addison & Sherlock.

YONGE, John (of Puslinch, Devon). Two books of newspaper cuttings. 1770-1799.

MISS ISABEL HUMBLE. A good example of a late 18th century accounts book, together with a quantity of related papers, relating to Miss Isabel Humble, of Ryton in Northumberland, who owned estates at Pontisland. 1791.

ELGIN FAMILY. An important and revealing collection of twenty-six original holograph letters which adds to the history of the Elgin family and the Elgin Marbles.

JEWELLERY. An early 19th century manuscript pattern book of tiaras, earrings, necklaces, and brooches kept by a jeweller.

DEAF AND DUMB ASYLUM. A collection of thirteen proxy voting slips for the election for children into the London Deaf and Dumb Asylum. 1811.

YEADON CHAPEL, Leeds. An early 19th century record of sermons preached at the Chapel between August 10th 1817, and Sept 7th 1820.

WATSON, Arabella. An unusual commonplace book in that it has been prepared and presented by one lady for another, rather than having been assembled by her own hand. 1817.

LADY MARY LEIGHTON, née Parker (1799-1864), of Loton Park. A collection of original ten original sketchbooks, albums, and scrapbooks compiled by Mary Parker prior to her marriage, and then by her children. They cover the period 1824 - 1860.

IRBY, Georgina Irby. An early 19th century album compiled by Georgina Albinia Irby (1816-1900), second daughter of Frederick, second Lord Boston (1749-1825).

AN ITALIAN JOURNEY. An original early 19th century unpublished manuscript journal by a member of the Grant, or Duff-Gordon families.

ANN CALDECOTT of Holbrook Grange, Little Lawford, Warwickshire. An album of verse, drawings and engravings, commenced by Ann, but with contributions from others, and used at a later date by other family members and their friends. 1830 onwards

BOWLES, Edward. An interesting mid 19th century scrapbook belonging to Edward Bowles of Milton Hill House, Steventon, containing a number of mainly humourous sketches by Edward and his family, early sepia photographs of family houses and land, as well as more general images from travels.

BOUGHEY, Anastasia Elizabeth, (daughter of CHETWODE, Henrietta Dorothea., Lady Boughley. [Bicton Hall, Shropshire].) An Album of Manuscript Embroidery Designs. 1840.

BODENHAM, Eliza. The sketchbook of Eliza Bodenham dated June 21st 1843, recording a tour of Italy in June & July 1843 containing 42 accomplished full page drawings, 23 in pen and ink, 15 pencil, 3 monochrome watercolour and one full watercolour.

HOUSEHOLD ACCOUNTS. A mid 19th century record of domestic accounts for a London household covering the period September 1855 to July 1861.

CROWQUILLS and GOOSEQUILLS. Two manuscript volumes of an elaborate and entertaining private magazine, written for the amusement of family members and friends in the mid 19th century.

MAKEHAM, Robert. Rhymes Composed for the Amusement of the Writer of them; some of which were written at the request of particular friends, by one who perhaps might more usefully, profitably, and beneficially have been employed. 1857.

AN IRISH STORY? - The Decline and Fall of the Crinoline in the Roman Empire. A curious and comic illustrated work which relates the story of the Pope's concern over the fashion for crinolines (apparently from about 1840 to 1860 in England), which stops women from entering the confessional, and causes them to disturb furniture &c.

THE FAMILY MAGAZINE, 1876. A most elaborate example of a 19th century private hand-written ‘magazine' designed for circulation amongst a small group of family contributors.

EDWARD GIBBON, the father of the historian Edward Gibbon, author of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (1776-1788). An interesting two-page letter from John Harris to his landlord & employer, Edward Gibbon, dated December 3rd 1767

CARICATURES. A wonderfully bizarre collection of 38 pen and ink caricatures, some grotesque, some hand coloured, all drawn on envelope covers, by F.G.
140mm x 78mm. 1900-1901.

DOVASTON, John. A 3 page autograph letter from John Freeman Millward Dovaston (1782-1854), sent from Oswestry to his nephew in London. A chatty and informal letter commenting on his nephew's attempts to woo (couched in fox-hunting terms); an illness attended by Dr Darwin (possibly Charles Darwin's father, doctor at Shrewsbury); the appreciation of a man-of-war; and the danger of taking banknotes to the Bank of England which may be forged. With address and rate stamp on the last page. Slight marked from the wax seal but in very good condition.
230mm x 190mm. Oswestry. 11th June 1806.

COOKERY RECIPES FROM DALTON HALL. An interesting manuscript cookery book originally started in November 1826 by Sarah Yates of Irwell House, just before her wedding, and added to by her and husband's family, the Hornby's of Dalton Hall, Burton-in-Kendal. 1826 - 1840.

ELGIN FAMILY. An important and revealing collection of sixteen original holograph letters which adds to the history of the Elgin family and the Elgin Marbles. They are from Mrs Hamilton Nisbet, the mother of Lady Elgin, wife of Lord Elgin of marbles fame, to the Dowager Lady Elgin, Lord Elgin’s mother. 1802

CHEW MAGNA (Somerset). An important collection of early manuscript documents relating to this ancient parish, situated on the River Avon. The Jones family were Lords of the Manor in the 17th century, and the documents record the transfer of property over nearly a 200 year period. There are also wills, agreements, bonds, rental accounts with names of tenants, an inventory and numerous other documents, totalling over 50 items. They are contained in an early 19th century faded striped cloth bag, with a handwritten label which reads: "The Writings in this Bag belong to Estates & Mortgages at Chew-Magna. The Property of Wm. Abraham."

PEPYS, Richard. Memoranda of Mr Pepys concerning the Seal Office. This appears to be an opinion regarding the seals of the King's Bench, obtained from the Richard Pepys who became Lord Chief Justice of Ireland (1656-9)

TREATY OF NIJMEGEN. A manuscript letter to Sir Robert Howard of the Exchequer, from Thomas Osborne (1st Earl of Danby, Marquis of Camarthen, and later Duke of Leeds.)

SARAH COOKE. Unpublished manuscript essays on morality & conduct, by a lady in 1718.

INVENTORY. A Schedule or Inventory indented or made this 27th day of March 1700, engrossing particularly all such Goods & Implements of Household Stuff & Chattels as are now... in ye House, Grounds of William Tindall of ye Parish of Cam in ye County of Glocester.

LEEDS CHARITY SCHOOL. Four important and very early 18th century folio documents relating to the establishment of a Charity School in Leeds, Yorkshire. 1705-1719

WEAVER. A True and Perfect Inventory of all and singular the Goodes and Chattles, rights and creditts of Thomas Dafforne of Woolland in the Parish of Bitton and County of Gloucester. 1725

MATHEMATICS. A mid 18th century manuscript book of mathematical excercises kept by John Sommerton, and dated September 22nd 1741 on the second leaf.

FRIZE, John. An interesting mid 18th century collection of English epitaphs, inscribed "John Frize His Book was made the 29th day of October, Anno. Dom. 1745."

MUSIC. Vaudeville. Menuets, Contredances et Airs Detachees. Chante sur les Theatres des Comedies Francaise et Italienne. 1745.

ROMNEY MARSH. An interesting document empowering the Churchwardens and Overseers of the poor of the Parish of Dymchurch (Romney Marsh). 1748

SIR ISAAC NEWTON. A fine mezzotint portrait, "drawn and scraped MDCCLX by James Macardel from an original portrait painted by Enoch Seeman now in the possession of Thomas Hollis." 1760.

SURVEYORS OF THE HIGHWAY. A very detailed account relating to the surveying and upkeep of the highways for nearly 70 years in the Parish of Healaugh, six miles north of Tadcaster in North Yorkshire. 1768-1837.

PRIVATEERS. Three attractive probate wills, with seals attached, for William Morgan, Patrick Collins, and Richard Lynch who all died serving aboard the London Terrible Privateer in 1781, most probably in action during the American Revolution. 1781.

MANCHESTER. An important collection of 18th and 19th century documents and plans relating to land in Ancoats, Manchester, 1787-1865. Historically a part of Lancashire, Ancoats became one of the cradles of the Industrial Revolution, and has been described by Pevsner as "the world's first industrial suburb".

SEDAN CHAIR. An interesting 18th century hand-written account prepared for Thomas Gordon, Esq., on behalf of W. Murdoch of Madeira, by Holmes & Griffin, Sedan Chairmakers of London.. 1788.

FINCH, Louisa, Countess of Aylesford. Hepatics and Mosses from the Herbarium of the Countess of Aylesford. With 82 specimens in small envelopes mounted on 61 sheets, with latin nomenclature and other notes, and some bearing her name. The envelopes have been mounted at the time of presentation, and preserved in a half calf book box, gilt lettered on the spine. c1790-1810.

GRAND TOUR. "Remains of the Spartan monuments seen from the opposite side." An attractive original watercolour by Smithson Tennant, c1790.

BROMFIELD, Joseph (c1743-1824, architect). Three large pen and wash architectural drawings, on two sheets, within ruled borders.

CATHEDRALS. Dodd, H.J. A Brief Account of the Cathedrals in England and Wales with Ancient Views of Them. 101 leaves written in red and black ink, and with 32 mounted sepia engravings set within double ruled borders. 1792.

BROUGHTON COLLIERY. Two manuscript notebooks, additional manuscript ‘submission', and 2 pen and ink plans relating to the early history of Broughton Colliery, Durham. By Sober Watkin, colliery viewer, appointed by the Earl of Egremont to report on the state of his collieries. 1801.

CHARLOTTE AUGUSTA, PRINCESS (1796-1817; the only child of George, Prince of Wales, afterwards George IV, and Caroline of Brunswick). A charming survival, being a little manuscript keepsake prepared when she was aged six as a gift for her favourite governess Lady Elgin, in whose care she had been placed following the separation of her parents. 1802.

SMITH, Thomas., of Bruce Castle, Tottenham, London. An most interesting early 19th century journal recording summer excursions mainly to friends' country houses, & gardens made by Thomas Smith and his father in 1807 & 1809.

COMMONPLACE BOOK. An attractive early 19th century pocket common-place book of prose extracts relating to Pitt, Boswell, On the French Revolution, Mr Twiss in Paris 1792, Origin of Corn Factors, City of London Election 1808, Dr Johnson, George Washington, John Hunter, &c. c1808.

PRESS GANGS. A printed form, completed by hand, and signed by Palmerston, Wm. Johnstone Hope, and James Buller, stating that one Stephen Best "shall be freed and exempted from being impressed into His Majesty's Service... 1809

FROGMORE HOUSE & GARDENS. An engraved entry pass completed in manuscript which allows, by Her Majesty's Command, the house and gardens to be shown to Miss Smith & her party. c1815.

FAMILY EXCURSIONS BY THE FLOOD FAMILY in 1824 & 1828. Two fully written up accounts by Luke Thomas Flood (1775-1860) detailing long summer excursions made with his wife and children.

VETERINARY NOTE-BOOK. A very nice example of an early 19th century collection of remedies for ailments in horses and cattle. c1826.

DESCRIPTION & PRICE OF A NEW PHAETON FOR MISS ROBINSON. A fine hand-written estimate from Brearey & Myers, Coach Builders & Harness Makers, of Little Stonegate and Davygate, York. 1828.

PAGET, John. A most interesting 19th century collection of 196 accomplished pen and ink drawings, pencil sketches, privately produced engravings, and several watercolours depicting rural pursuits, social and political satires, and character sketches. 1829-1843.

COMMON-PLACE BOOK. An attractive full red morocco album presented to "Eliza Jane Jameson from her affectionate father, W.J." and with his handsome gilt morocco book-label "W. Jameson, July 13th 1831"

MR MASON'S SPA VILLA. (Leamington Spa). A detailed room by room inventory, together with a list of all the books and china, prepared prior to the arrival of packers from the removal firm. 1838-1868.

A VISIT TO PARIS 1840: The manuscript journal of Elizabeth Todd, travelling with "Our beloved mother, my brother, sister & my self", leaving London Bridge Wharf on board the Maquet on 15th July 1840 for Boulogne.

FORREST, Captain John Henry. The Travel Journal of Captain John Henry Forrest 11th Light Dragoons covering the period October 10th 1841 to June 11th 1842.

ROWLETT, John. A collection of his original, unpublished manuscript verse, completely filling two notebooks, 258 and 234 pages. 1842-1857.

A WOMAN'S FIRST EUROPEAN TOUR. A Journal of a Tour on the Continent in the Years 1844 and 1845.

A LINCOLNSHIRE TOUR. A pocket journal written by an educated but anonymous traveller to Lincolnshire in September and October 1844.

PETT, A. An Excursion to Horace's Farm, MS thus titled on upper cover on a hand written paper label. 1846.

SENTOUX, Ernest. Ecriture et Architecture. Ornate calligraphic title-page, 9 leaves of demonstrating various calligraphic styles, Espagne, Ronde, Gothique, Portugal, Pheniciens, Sarrasms, &c. 1846.

GLOUCESTER. Clarke, John. The Architectural History of Gloucester. The author's original draft manuscript, with numerous deletions, corrections, and revisions. c1849.

DIARY OF A MILITARY & CRICKETING MAN. A mid 19th century diary and record of expenditure kept by a military officer 1854-1855.

TEXTILE SAMPLES. An attractive mid 19th century small swatch book of 47 textile patterns. Original glazed card covers with gilt label bearing the name F.M. & Co., c1860.

CHARADES & ENIGMAS. Two attractive mid 19th century manuscript collections of enigmas and charades compiled by Mary Hester Robinson in 1861.

SEAWEEDS. A mid 19th century album compiled by Madeline Matkiss in 1869, with 30 leaves of original seaweeds, mostly with multiple examples on each page, and noting where they were collected.

CLOGH COLLIERY (Ireland).. An interesting series of copy letters, mainly written to and from Thomas Nevins, relating to the daily working of Clogh Colliery in 1877.

MARINE SHELLS. A charming and tiny hand made book compiled by F.R. Coles, April 1884, Tongland.

HELMETS FOR THE SOUTH AFRICAN WAR. An elaborate full red morocco album bought from A. Webster and Co, Piccadilly, By Special Appointment to the Queen, and containing manuscript directions for needlework, knitting and crocheting projects. 1901-1912.

THEATRE. An interesting early 20th century artist's sketch books, containing thirty three portrait Studies of Edwardian era actors and opera singers in character. 1903.

GEOLOGY. "Cours de Geologie, Professeur Mr Bonnes, HG Jeanjean, Promo 1910-1911." 140 hand-written pages with numerous illustrations in the text and also neatly tipped-in on blue and white paper, of fossils, rock formations &c. 1910-1911.

ATOMIC WEAPONS RESEARCH ESTABLISHMENT, Orfordness. A small collection of documents issued by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority relating to the construction and testing of two Vibration Test Buildings. 1961.

EPITAPH TO A JUDGE. A late 17th century manuscript 12 line verse epitaph to a judge, which opens: - "An upright Judge's sacred dust, committed to the Toom Stones trust..." c1680.

INVENTORY of Goods & Chattels the Property of Philip Rooffner [Ruffner] decd. appraised by us the Subscriber this twenty eight day of July 1784.
tall narrow folio. 390mm x 160mm. Northampton, USA. 1784.

CAREY, Elizabeth, (nee Dobree). A memorial diary kept by Elizabeth Carey (1770-1845), wife of Captain Philip Melvill, Lieutenant Governor of Pendennis Castle. In it she has recorded details relating to the deaths of her two sons (Peter and John), and a family friend between 1803 and 1808. 151 pages of neatly written manuscript, followed by 29 blank pages. There are also three related copy letters "dictated at dear Mamma's dictation", two sheets of contemporary notes, and a later portrait print of Elizabeth. Contemporary sheep notebook, with brass catches, blind floral border, spine and corners worn, but in very good clean original state.

HORNCASTLE, Lincolnshire. An extensive, 334 page, mid 19th century handwritten memoir and travel account, written by Harry Allison of Horncastle. It is full of lively first hand descriptions as to be expected by a novice traveller. It is divided into three sections, a tour in England and Scotland in 1848, to Wales in 1849, and one to Belgium, and Germany in 1850.

LIVINGSTONE, David. A fine portrait drawing in pencil, pen and ink, heightened with gouache. It has been drawn onto cream coloured thick paper and is unframed. It depicts Livingstone in an oval on the left accompanied by six scenes from his life - as a young man studying whilst working in a factory, elephants, being mauled by a lion, preaching in an African village, in a native boat on one of the Great Lakes, and being carried by porters on his last journey. At the centre there is a pile of books with the Bible, Journals, & Travels, and finely drawn palm fronds and jungle vegetation surround and unite the scenes. The drawing is initialled by the artist, Nicholas Chevallier, and in the bottom margin he has written "to J.C. Hall... with kind regards from N. Chevallier, 1873." He has also provided a key to the scenes. Livingstone died in 1873 and this was most probably drawn for a memorial publication.

LONDON - MALTA. A interesting 252 page manuscript kept by J H Rogers, a passenger aboard the Schooner Brisk (Captain Screech), on voyages in 1847 from London to Malta & on to Corfu, returning to Liverpool; and in 1851-1852 from London to Halifax Nova Scotia, St Johns Newfoundland, then back via Naples, Leghorn, Corsica, Elba, Sicily, Sardinia, and again returning to Liverpool.

PARSONAGE HOUSE, Mitcham, Surrey. An extensive 23 page draft agreement made in August 1752, between James Cranmer of Bartletts Buildings, London, and James Hunter, a fishmonger, of Monument Yard, London.

THE FUTURE GOVERNOR OF JAMAICA WRITES HOME, 1875. Edward Rushworth was appointed Governor of Jamaica in March 1877, and these four letters, comprising approximately 7,000 words, date just prior to his appointment, when he was the island's Financial Secretary.

SURGEON. An early 18th century testimonial for the surgeon William Payn. " 1724.

HOLLOWAY, George. A collection of original manuscript stories, verses, charades &c written by Master George Holloway of Holly Grove House Academy, Bushey, in 1838.

CATHOLIC CATECHISM. An Abridgment of Christian Doctrine: with proofs of Scripture for points controverted Catechistically explained by way of Question and Answer. A very neat late 17th century manuscript copy of this pocket book, originally written by Henry Turberville and first published in Douai in 1648.

WEAVER. A True and Perfict Inventory of the Goods of James Beechan of the Parish of Stroud in the County of Glocester... deceased. 1724

HENDERSON, Robert (Philomath). Tachy-Graphy, or Short-Writing. Being most easie, exact, speedie, and lineal. To which is added symbolical characters, and choice sentences. 1729-1735.

CUMBRIA. An interesting early 18th century manuscript record of rentals for lands in Cumbria. 1730.

CLOTHWORKER. A True and Perfect Inventory of the Goods and Chattels of Walter Stevens (?) of King Stanley Clothworker. 1735

CARPENTER & COFFIN MAKER. An Inventory of the Goods & Chattles of Richard Phelps of the Parish of Awre, Carpenter. 1758.

PAINTS, VARNISH, BRUSHES, COLOURS. An interesting early 19th century manuscript book of colour recipes, to gild books, and advice for painters.

HOUSES AND TENEMENTS IN BRISTOL. A mid 18th century vellum ‘Cash Account for Mr Richard Ward and his son, Francis', relating to rental income received from various named tenants for their properties in Bristol between 1769 and 1777.

RUSHOUT, Anne. A late 18th commonplace book of verses, numerous charades, anagrams, amusements, riddles, epigrams, &c., kept by the young Anne Rushout (1767-1849), eldest daughter of 1st Baron Northwick, of Northwick Park in Gloucestershire. 1776.

ORLEBAR, Mary. An Excursion to Cheltenham, Birmingham, & Oxford, &c &c &c. August ye 26th - 1782.

ORLEBAR, Mary. A Journey from Ecton through London to Bath, and from thence, back again, through Cirencester, and Banbury, to Daventry, and Northampton. From August ye 3d to October ye 12th 1785.

FRENCH NOVEL. The original manuscript working notes and preliminary writings for a work entitled "Le Manuel de l'homme de Bien", a good example of the "roman d'apprentissage", in the form of a series of dialogues, with extensive deletions and corrections. Some sections are dated 1 February 1787, and Paris 26 October 1788.

COURT LEET BOOK, for the Manor of South Kilvington in the County of York covering the period October 1793 - November 1805.

ARNELL, John. A late 18th century manuscript book of mathematical and geometrical exercises, dated 1797.

LIGHTHOUSES. Manuscript accounts headed ‘John Bell collector his account for the collection of Harwich Lights for the half years ending 5th July 1796, 5th January 1797, 5th July 1798, and 5th January 1799.

HEARNE, Thomas. (1744-1817, Water-Colour Painter). Drawings of Cottages, Farm-Houses etc in Wiltshire & Berkshire. A series of twelve pencil drawings, with sepia wash title-page. c1797.

HOUSEHOLD INVENTORY. An Inventory of the all the Cloaths and Household Stuff or Furniture of Ann Vinnice of Wrelton in the Parish of Middleton in the County of York. 1798.

MUSIC & DANCE. A charming Regency collection of manuscript dance music, with accompanying instructions on performing many of the dances written underneath, and an index at the end. 1812-1815.

GARDENS. A detailed and itemised manuscript account, from James Astin Seedsman of Kingston upon Thames to the Right Honble Lord Glenbervie of The Pheasantry, Bushy Park [Herts], for the period January-December 1814.

COMMONPLACE BOOK. A superb Regency poetical commonplace book, illustrated with exquisite watercolour illustrations and embellishments, and bound in a most elaborate contemporary gilt binding. c1810.

DE GENLIS, Madame. The Palace of Truth, a Moral Story. c1807.

COMYN, Wm. N. An Inventory of My Furniture, Plate, Linnen, China, taken by myself in my Houses Nos 13, 14, 17 Norfolk St. Strand and No 12 Pall Mall', 8 July 1822.

WILSON, John. Manuscript account of a summer tour to Wales in 1825, by John Wilson accompanied by his sister Eliza, and aunt. July 13th - August 13th, covering 696 miles.

A Grand Tour by John & Richard Wilson of Seacroft Hall, Yorkshire. 7 volumes. 1830-1846.

TRENCHARD, W.E. The Inquirer, consisting of Essays in Verse and Prose. 1826.

COOPER, Catherine, and husband. Two manuscript journals of a travels in Europe in the years 1829 and 1831.

NASH'S FIELD, Herriard, Hampshire. A most attractive early 19th century record of the area known as Nash's Field, and the Church of St Mary's.

BUTTERFLIES. Haustellata Lepidoptera Diurna. A very detailed mid 19th century manuscript account of English Butterfly species, kept by a Norfolk or Suffolk lepidopterist. c1840.

ESTCOURT, Thomas Grimston Bucknall (family). Three sketchbooks of pencil and watercolour drawings and studies, one used whilst in Belgium & Switzerland, and another in Italy. 1826-1851.

MR BRISK'S VACATION MEDITATIONS. A wonderfully inventive and comic pictorial record of his travels, via the Lake District, to Scotland in September 1845. 32 pen and ink drawings mounted onto 25 tinted card pages, in a contemporary half calf album. 1845.

THE HISTORY OF LITTLE FANNY. Illustrated by M. Colvile, Craigflower, 1845. A charming mid 19th century manuscript version of this children's book, with watercolour & pen and ink cut out of ‘Fanny' and seven costumes in which to dress her.

VICTORIAN GARDEN PLANS. A series of 9 original pen and ink designs for garden layouts and planting schemes for an un-named garden, c1870.

SURVEYOR or ARCHITECT. A scarce late 19th century collection of original brass stencils used by a surveyor, chart-maker, or architect in preparing his plans.

A WEDDING TOUR THROUGH EUROPE. A detailed and rather chatty account of the European tour made by the newly married Mrs Charles Hingston, 1880-1881.

MINESWEEPING. An interesting collection of blueprints, together with original pen and ink drawings, and several photographs, for a mine-sweeping device to be fitted to ships, submitted in 1914 by William Love, Mechanical Engineer of Claremont Square in London.

FIRST WORLD WAR POISON GAS. A pocket notebook containing handwritten information on various types of poison gases: - blister gas, decontamination of respirators, mustard gas, tear gases, detection of gases, effect of weather on gases. c1916.

FIRST WORLD WAR HOWITZERS. An interesting album with 24 original sepia photographs relating to the proofing of howitzers in 1916-1918 for the British artillery.

WINCHE, Rebeckah. A mid 17th century collection of receipts for cookery, and medicinal plague remedies, together with records of family births, burials and marriage kept by a lady. There is an important very early recipe for chocolat, noting that "it is not fitt to use till it has been 3 months made'. Chocolate had only recently begun to be commonly sold in England, and the first chocolate house opened in 1657. It is dated 1666, records her daughter's birth on 11th September 1654 in Chiswick Parish neere London. folio. 320mm x 205mm. London. 1666.

BLUNDELL, George. A General Essay on a Naturall History, of those fine shining exalted rhaptorous & delicious creatures, the birds of ye air, and all manner of feathered fowls that have wings. Composed by G:B. Manuscript on paper, in a clear and legible hand, with some corrections and additions, and not a later fair copy. 128 pages, comprising a delightful title-page set within 4 calligraphic flourished birds, and 170 numbered paragraphs. c1680-1690.

STUKELEY, William. An interesting original manuscript commonplace book kept by the important 18th century antiquarian William Stukeley (1687-1765). 76 pages, written in the author's distinctive and very legible hand, and with two small illustrations of coins. In fine clean condition and bound in full contemporary vellum, lettered in ink on the covers, ‘Cards', and ‘Sermon Sabbath'.

BLUE COAT SCHOOL (St Margaret's, Westminster). A rare and unrecorded document dated 1769, placing a young girl, Elizabeth Richardson, with the consent of her mother, into the family and service of Jane Horam, Widow, in the Parish of St Mary's, Lambeth, for a period of seven years. It sets out the terms and conditions for her employment, ‘do no damage to her', and provide ‘sufficient meat, drink, lodging, washing, apparel and all other necessaries, during the said term.' 1769

JOHN ALMON & JOHN WILKES. A collection of manuscript notes (plus cuttings and receipts), 54 in total, written by the English journalist and political writer John Almon (1737-1805). Many of the notes relate to Almon's friend John Wilkes, probably in connection with Almon's five volume collection of JohnWilke's correspondence, with a biography of Wilkes, published in 1805.

CATTLE DOCTOR. An interesting collection of 18th century provincial cures for ailments in cattle, horses and pigs, assembled by a Gloucestershire man, together with earlier material from a 17th century source, and some other miscellaneous remedies. 103 numbered pages and with a 7 page prefatory index. 1785.

A Sentimental Tour... with Napoleon !

[MUSSET-PATHAY, Victor Donatien de] Journey in Switzerland & Italy with the French Army of Reserve in 1800, by V.D.M., employed at the Head-Quarters of the said Army. Translated by John Hill, 1809, & written by Mary Hill. Title with translator's preface on the verso, 3ff blanks, 4 pages ‘to the reader', 1f half-title with lettering set within a red double circle, and 267 numbered pages arranged in 29 chapters, ending ‘finis'. There are corrections, and footnotes by the translator. 1809.

Blue stockings - lady travellers - and a Haitian wife

LOCKE, John. A Common Place Book, upon the Plan Recommended and Practised by John Locke. Printed title-page, 12ff each page with a letter of the alphabet at the head, and divided by red ruled lines into six squares identified by the letters, A,O,E,U,I,Y to form a preliminary table of contents. A number of these squares contain written headings and page references. There then follows 292 hand numbered pages each neatly rubricated, and very fully completed with poetical and prose extracts, watercolour and pencil drawings, delightful cut paperwork, a full-page trompe'l'oeuil watercolour of playing cards, a watercolour of ‘Topper' his ‘famous hunter, and a perfect charger', a caricature of Sir Charles Napier, mounted engravings and several inserted printed hand-bills. Bound in contemporary half red roan, marbled boards, with the compiler's name ‘John Hearne' in gilt on a narrow oblong red morocco label on the upper boards. The front end-paper also has his name, underneath an elaborate watercolour coat-of-arms. On the inner board is an original watercolour of a King Charles Spaniel on a red velvet cushion in front of a representation of this common place book.

4to. Philadelephia: S. Potter and Co. 1819.

A most interesting and personal common-place book, purchased in America, and most probably kept initially by John Hearne in the early 1820's when he was resident at Port au Prince in Haiti, and then by family and friends at his London residence in Montague Square, London. The household clearly enjoyed the company of literate and engaging visitors, who passed through on their travels abroad; most noticeably the poet, novelist and travel writer Julia Pardoe, but also friends from Haiti.

INDUSTRIAL TOUR (by a woman?). ‘Some Particulars Relative to a Journey to Todmorden.' An 1833 original manuscript account of a visit to Todmorden, Lancashire, including a detailed description of a visit to Fielden's Cotton Mill. By 1832 Fielden Brothers was one of the largest textile companies in Britain. The company owned 684 power looms and was responsible for about one per cent of the total cloth being produced in Yorkshire and Lancashire. John Fielden believed that adult men should have the vote and was active in the Manchester Political Union. He established the Todmorden Political Union and in 1831 Fielden and William Cobbett were selected as Radical candidates for Oldham in the election that followed the passing of 1832 Reform Act. Cobbett and Fielden both won easily and became leaders of the reform movement in the House of Commons. A wonderful and highly descriptive 47pp manuscript diary kept by an unnamed writer.

BRITISH ZOOPHYTES. A mid 19th century portfolio containing 42 original specimens each very neatly mounted onto paper which is held by cut slits in larger folded buff paper with a printed identification slip pasted at the foot of the page. c1840.

GRAND TOUR. An 18th century dark red soft morocco leather wallet, elaborately embroidered with fine gold and silver threadwork, belonging to Adolph Falck, with his name in gold thread and the date 1761.

BATH HOUSEHOLD ACCOUNTS AT THE TIME OF JANE AUSTEN. A detailed and extensive record of the household accounts of a large Bath family, Mr & Mrs L.M. itemising on 175 closely written pages all the purchases and expenditures over a period of some 24 years. The smallest expense is noted, and many tradesmen identified. Full contemporary vellum, in excellent condition. 1799-1823.

FLORAL CALENDAR. A most attractive 19th century botanical keepsake ‘begun January 1831, finished April 11th 1832 by Louisa Dorothea Stanley', and given as a gift to Isabella Parry. 18 fine original watercolours of flowers, each with a leaf of handwritten verse on the subject of that flower., together with the presentation inscription and an opening leaf of verse. A most appropriate gift for her sister Isabella Parry (nee Stanley), who was an early amateur botanical artist in Australia, and the wife of William Edward Parry, Polar explorer, and later commissioner at Port Stephens, New South Wales from 1829-1834.

WINE MAKING. A detailed recipe book, with tasting notes, kept by the Cooch family of Baldock, Hertfordshire, between 1769 and 1829. There are 11 pages of detailed recipes for wine making 1810-1829, on what appears to be a commercial scale using 15 gallon casks.

DRIED FLOWERS. A mid 19th century album of dried flowers and seaweed specimens, carefully mounted & identified. They include "flowers picked up in the Crimea 1856, at Inkerman, Balaklava, Valley of Death, North Side, Trenches... by R.W.B Crowther, 63rd Regiment. Other specimens were picked at Windsor Castle, Ireland, and the West Country. 1856-1863.

The 63rd Regiment took part in the Battle of Inkerman in November 1854, and the flowers were presumably collected by the soldier returning to visit old battle sites.

THE ISTED FAMILY OF ECTON HALL. A charming album of drawings of various country pursuits, horses, hunting, dogs &c., drawn by the young Ambrose Isted. On the inner front board there is a presentation inscription from his father, "From Samuel Isted to Ambrose Isted", and with an indistinct pencil note referring to "my mother", presumably in Ambrose's hand. c1810.

SHOES. A fine manuscript account made out to Lady Logie at Linhouse from John Boyn Shoe-Maker in Tarbuckie. It is very legibly written on two pages, and covers the period February 1774-1778. Various accounts are itemised, The Lady, Miss Duff, Mr John Duff and Margaret Ogelois her servant. Lady Logie appears to positively frugal in her footwear in contrast to Miss Duff, a veritable Imelda Marcos, ordering some 28 pairs of shoes - in blue cloath, turky leather, velvet silk, as well as numerous slippers.

LITTLE GERTRUDE'S PICTURE BOOK. A charming mid 19th century illustrated book of manuscript stories and verse for children, with delightful and accomplished pen and ink drawings throughout. Written by the Countess of Albermarle for her 3 year old daughter Gertrude, her only child, ‘from Mamma 1864'.

AN INVENTORY of the Goods and Chattels of Mr Thomas Cuming of Bonehill in the parish of Widecombe... in the County of Devon, yeoman late deceased, taken and apprized by Mr Oliver Nosworthy, and Mr Nicholas Buckingham of Moreton Hampstead, yeoman, the Eleventh Day of July in the year of our Lord 1782.

LAKE DISTRICT. Diary of a Trip to Cumberland, Westmoreland & Lancashire (Lake District). A manuscript account written on 102 pages and with pasted in printed descriptions taken from a contemporary guide book to the Lakes. 1871.

CART BUILDER & REPAIRER'S ACCOUNT BOOK. A detailed manuscript of 298 pages recording work & payments carried out by Thomas Powell, for a multitude of named clients between 1872 and 1887.

ST HELENA. Severn (H.S.) Island of St. Helena..Memo Written at Sea under Difficulties. An original manuscript, 16pp., with 10 pen and ink sketches of scenes on the island . 1878.

QUARTETTES. A delightful series of 52 pen and ink and watercolour comic cards, with a decorative title-card. The ‘pack' depicts various tradespeople and their children

WILLIS, George. An early 19th century folio book of mathematical exercises, calculations and diagrams. 152pp, with the name George Willis, May 12th, 1810.

SILK CARICATURES. A collection of six hand-made oval silk ‘mats' with decorative stitched borders, each with an original pen and ink comic illustration. c1860

THE LITTLE BEGGAR GIRL. A most attractive and very accomplished original illustrated short story written on two folio sheets and set within wonderful pictorial pen and ink frames. The work is of professional standard, and is signed ‘Juliana del.' c1860.

ESHOLT HALL. Two volumes of manuscript diaries kept by one of the Misses Crompton-Stansfield of Esholt Hall, West Yorkshire, 1884-5, and 1896-7.

AN EVENING'S THEATRICAL AMUSEMENT. A charming early 19th century manuscript playlet for the private amusement of the younger members of the family of John Collinson of Gateshead, a well to do English family.

CHINA. A diary and copy letter book kept by H.J.M. Shaw, an English mining engineer and business man in China between 1902 and 1909.

ONSLOW, Denzil Hughes. His diaries for 1890, 1891, 1893-1912, 1915, together with an album of photographs. 23 volumes.

THE UNITED FAMILY GAZETTE. A personal and detailed account of the marriage of Charlotte Elizabeth Octavia Collinson to Charles Stansfield Rawson, son of a land-owning family in Cumberland and Yorkshire. Fully written on eleven quarto sheets which have been neatly hand stitched together to form the ‘Gazette'.

DARNBOROUGH, Isabel., of Webster Hill House, Dewsbury, Yorkshire. A charming album of watercolour, pen and ink, or pencil drawings, and comic sketches by her friends. 1904.

RIVER SEINE. An early 19th century sketchbook kept by an English traveller to France, with simple outline draft pencil sketches of the approaches by river to Harfleur, La Bouille, Caudebec. c1840.

GILLRAY, James. Catalogue of Gillray's Caricatures. An original 46 page manuscript catalogue itemising nearly 500 separate titles, 319 of which marked with a small tick, presumably indicating that they are in the possession of the anonymous collector. At the end the caricatures in his collection are listed in date order from 1786-1810, with several additional pages of listing concluding the catalogue. The paper is watermarked 1816.

THE WOODSLEA MAGAZINE, Jan. 1907. A delightful home produced magazine for the entertainment of the family, written and illustrated by Marjorie Weigly, and D.W, presumably the daughters.

LLOYD, Deborah. A diary kept by her in 1814 and 1816, written in two volumes of The Annual Monitor and Memorandum Book, published in York.

CROMPTON, Henrietta Matilda. A fine album labelled ‘Sketches 1826', comprising of fifty-six large views, in pencil, and several with added colour, sketched whilst touring in Kent in August and September of that year.

A MOTHER'S ADVICE. A mother's thoughts and guidance written solely for her children, frequently noting the importance of honouring one's parents, with a clear message to them that she hopes she will be well cared for in her old age. 1827.

GUERNSEY. A charming early 19th century commonplace book kept by Charlotte, a young girl from Guernsey, and containing original contributions, in English, French, Italian, & German prose and verse from her family and friends. Her introduction is dated March 26th 1827.

NEEDLE CASE. A charming early 19th century red morocco needle case, which has been tooled and gilded with the words "Forget me Not", and a small lyre and floral device, and was probably given as love token. The needle case opens and unfolds to reveal a contrasting green leather interior, with a pocket to back and several felt leaves to hold the needles. To the front there is also a pin cushion. In very good condition, with just the original loop which would have held the tab missing. c1820.

HEINECKEN, Margaretta., of Bowling Hall, Yorkshire. Two poetical commonplace books. 1825-1826.

FROM A HUSBAND TO HIS WIFE. A charming commonplace book of poetical and prose extracts compiled for "Caroline Noke, from her affect. husband Albert". It opens with an introductory note that: "So pure so blameless is this book / That wise and weary sages / May lead young innocents look / Upon its truthful pages.", and is addressed "To Mine Own." c1843

DIGBY, Elizabeth. A manuscript commonplace book kept by Elizabeth Digby, the sister of John Benn-Walsh, of Ormathwaite, the noted politican and pamphleteer (1798-1881).

DRAWING SLATE. A fine example of an early 19th century portable drawing slate in book form.

BUILDER'S ACCOUNT BOOK. The manuscript account book for Joseph Silver & Son, builders, of Maidenhead Thicket in Kent. 330 pages detailing clients, estimates for work, architects' specifications & costings, and accounts for materials and wages, 1844-1846.

GRAND TOUR. A Journal (written up day by day) of a Tour through Belgium, the Rhine, Switzerland, and Northern Italy returning through Piedmonte, Savoy, and France in the Autumn of 1845. Two volumes, written in two contemporary hands, with title and 484 pages., with index, and interleaved with numerous engravings neatly mounted.

BURNETT, Mr. Continental Notes, from the Edinburgh Evening Courant of 1860 and 1862. Three volumes, one of mounted cuttings of his published articles, and two earlier volumes of his manuscript tours in Europe in 1853 & 1855, kept by the ‘occasional correspondent' for this newspaper.

MRS PEMBERTON of Bath? A small wallet style album of 'turkey' leather with thick sugar paper pages into which have been inserted over 40 various examples of cut paper work, friezes, tiny figures (one moveable), &c. A folding 'fashion' engraving dated 1794 has been mounted onto one of the first leaves, and the binding certainly feels late 18th century, although the cut paper work is likely to be c1810-1820.

FLOWERS: Five very intricate & delicate cut paper flower arrangements done with great skill, and in fresh bright condition. c1820.

BOSTON BAKER. A detailed double folio leaf itemised manuscript account for bread, and ‘loves' baked by James Scolley (sic) for Penn Townsend, Esq., between May 5th 1719 and December 1st 1720. Dated Boston 25th February 1720/1, and signed by James Scollay at the foot of the second leaf. Founding Fathers of Boston.

BARNETT, Marianne. 146 pages of manuscript verse, written by members of the Barnett family, with original poems, together with transcriptions from Byron and other poets. c1830

FLOWER VASE: A wonderful early 19th century 'flower vase' made up entirely of lengths of coloured rolled paper, and in fresh bright condition.

MAGICAL FLOWERS: 'Children's Magical Flowers' - which open to reveal various secret wishes - 'a pony', 'to have a letter', 'to have many friends' etc. Each flower has a written tag; 'like best', 'ruling passion', 'employment', 'personal appearance', 'temper'. c1830

CHILD'S PAPER DOLL: a completely delightful cut card and watercolour movable doll - the main dress painted front and back, as is the removable girl, and with two bonnets and trim. All are beautifully hand coloured, and in pristine condition. c1830.

TRANSFORMING HEADS: - Pen and ink and watercolour - one is in a very pretty marbled paper wallet with gilt paper edging, and the other in pebbled grain paper with gilt edges. c1830.

GLOBES. A mid 17th century English manuscript entitled, Doctrinae Sphaericae Compendium, or A Breife Description of the Coelestiall and Terrestiall Globes.

BOOKSELLING: Rogue booksellers, auctions, paper jewellers - a wonderful first hand account, by a woman, of the cataloguing, under-valuation, non-payment, and distressing dispersal of an important private library, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, 1706-1709.

SHOEMAKER: The early 19th century manuscript record book kept by Daniel Warner, Shoemaker from the vicinity of Groton, Shirley, & Pepperell in Massachusetts, in 1826-1831. Approximately 288 pages, with thousands of entries for the making and repairing of boots and shoes for his local community, with the name of each of his customers. Original thick paper covers, stitched, and with some wear to the spine, otherwise in very good condition.
folio. Masschusetts. 1826-1831.

17th CENTURY COMMONPLACE BOOK. "A Miscellany of Notes Taken from Reading & Experience", written by F. Drake and signed and dated May 11 1682 on a preliminary blank leaf. 80 pages. Full contemporary gilt panelled vellum, with gilt floral cornerpieces and decorated spine. A little wear to the foot of the spine, the vellum rather mellowed and a little loose in the binding. Very clean and legible inside, and with the name F. Drake written in ink on the upper board.
small 4to. 212mm x 167mm. Oxfordshire. 1682.

DRAYCOT HOUSE ACOUNTS 1710-1711. A detailed record of income and expenditure from September 17th 1710 - November 16th 1711, written on both sides of 79 leaves, with additional blank pages at the end. Very clean and legible, but the original binding is worn, lacking the backstrip and with only the lower board retaining the vellum covering on which is written "Walmsley's Cash Book."
4to. 200mm x 165mm. 1710-1711.

BLACKFRIARS BRIDGE, London. Committee to Consider the best Plan, Situation and Manner of Construction of a Bridge over the River of Thames between London Bridge ad Westminster Bridge &c. 1754

BERWICK. An interesting mid 18th century memorandum book kept by a prominent council officer in Berwick, possibly Colonel Forster. 1750-1751.

JOHN ROBINSON'S BOOK. A mid 18th century commonplace book, comprising poetical extracts, some original prose and verse compositions, & descriptive accounts. 184 hand numbered pages, and bound in 1th century calf backed marbled boards, corners worn, otherwise in excellent clean state.
4to. 1766-1801.

APPELBY SCHOOL, Westmoreland. An important group of documents regarding the acquisition of land and the construction of Appleby Free Grammar School in 1826.

RICHARD WALLIS. His Sums and Schoolboy Doodles, 1780.

KITCHEN FURNITURE. A late 18th century manuscript bill, with engraved bill-head for items ‘Bought of George Stratton at His Manufactory for Strong Double Block Tin Kitchen Furniture, made on an improved Principle.

DE HAVILLAND, Elizabeth Ann. Three original manuscript volumes, two comprising her diary, and a third with literary extracts, 1796-1812. 28 pages with additional blanks; 136 pages; 106 pages with blanks at the end. Each is bound in full contemporary vellum, and they are all in very good clean condition.
4to. 227mm x 180mm, and two volumes 202mm x 168mm. 1796-1812.

GARDEN HOUSES, GROTESQUE ARCHITECTURE. A most attractive series of detailed late 18th century original pen and ink drawings and ground plans for rustic architecture, fences, elaborate garden houses and pavilions in Germany.

GERMAN DRAWING BOOK 1800. An original manuscript drawing book containing a student's excercises in proportion, figure studies, portraits, and also several landscapes and floral studies. It is dated Nuremburg 1800.

CHARACTERS OF FOREST TREES. Thirty one pages of detailed and skilful pen and ink drawings of the leaves of English trees, their flowers, and fruit. 1817.

ARCHITECTURE. The original plan and four related documents for the construction of a ‘Maison de Cure', a curate's house for the commune of Moustier in Belgium, 1819-1821.

GRAND TOUR. The manuscript journal of a gentleman's trip in 1839 from London to France, across the Alps to Switzerland, Italy, and by sea to Greece.

STONEMASON. A substantial and interesting collection of early 19th century manuscript documents relating to Robert Robinson, stonemason of Bamburgh, Northumberland, c1832-1841.

CURZON, F.C. The Quiz !!, or My Comic Offering. Vol. 2. A Book of Satirical & Domestic Caricature, with Original Writings: By F.C. Quizphiz. May 1st 1835. Exeter. Published by G. Curzon, Constitution House, 17, High-Street. A wonderfully inventive & unique manuscript ‘journal, of fun, satire & variety', written and wickedly illustrated in the style of George Cruikshank, & also Robert Seymour whose ‘Sketches' were published 1834-1836.


EXPENSES of Tucker Cobb Beaumont and Corpe on Tour through Switzerland, Holland Germany & Belgium from 29th August to 30th September 1846, MS, single sheet folded to 10" x8", (London, 1846).

ASHOVER CHARITIES - DERBYSHIRE. Contemporary manuscript copies of letters dealing with 2nd and 3rd Memorials 1856 & 1857.

MISS FANNY WOFFINDEN, of Blossom Street House, York. Two manuscript exercise books compiled by Fanny in 1861.

COATS, Maggie, of Ferguslie House. A delightful commonplace book, with pen and ink and watercolour drawings, written and illustrated by members of the Coats' family of Paisley, manufactures of cotton threads and reels. 1871-1880.

LIVERPOOL - ARGENTINA. A very interesting collection of ephemera and manuscript material relating to trade between Liverpool merchants and their shippers and counterparts in Buenos Aires, Argentina during the 1880's & 1890's.

DIARY OF A DEBUTANTE. An original manuscript ‘Diary of the Diamond Jubilee of H.M. The Queen-Empress, June 1897', kept by a young girl ‘in the middle of my first season'.

HAMPSHIRE COUNTRY HOUSE PARTIES. A summer visitors' book recording signatures and dates in August and September of each year for 3 major country houses in Hampshire.

GARDENER'S PLANTING RECORD. A manuscript gardening record kept by Muriel O'Malley, Oak Tree Cottage, Hinchley Wood, Esher, Surrey, between 1932-1934.

SOUTHPORT PIER. An important group of manuscript and printed documents and detailed original plans, relating to the major redevelopment and leasing of Southport Pier, 1897-1911.

MARITIME. A collection of eight late 19th century original watercolours of sailing ships, including a frigate, the ‘Golden Gate', Emigrant Ship, Coal Ship, ‘Casting Down', and Tea Ship.

COACHPAINTER. A collection of 66 late 19th century coachpainters' stencils of monograms.

OLD ROWLEY. A Musical Romance of 1671. Libretto by Maurice Lloyd. Who has also supplied some crude illustrations.

NAVAL. Log of H.M.S. Sultan. Commanded by Captain R. King. Kept by M.W. Consett, Midshipman, from Aug 16th 1888 to Nov 20th 1887.

ROMER ARCHIVE. A collection of papers, letters, death duty forms and wills of Lieut-Colonel Robert William Romer, of 20th Hussars (died 2nd December 1888), who resided at Bryncemlyn, Dolgelly, Merioneth.

OUT FOR A HOLIDAY. "Once a Year like Schoolboys, Robin-Hooding go. Leaving fops and fogies. A thousand feet below." A wonderfully lively pictorial record of holiday excursions to Scotland, Wales, the Lake District, and the Isle of Man, made during 1880 & 1881 by an young English clergyman, G.C.T, whilst travelling with friends.

EVELYN ADAMS of Wynters Grange, Harlow. A diary kept by the young Miss Evelyn between 1888 and 1890. "In this book from today, I write down my favourite thoughts, poems and ideas, and keep a record of the happiest and modest events in my life, and will trust to this lock and key all those things which are locked into a safer place, and which no earth made key can ever turn... May 24th 1888."

POTTERGATE STREET ACADEMY, Norwich. A series of lecture notes kept by George Bainbridge, at C. Turner's Academy. The subjects include the Camera Obscura, Mechanical Powers, Fountains, Solids immersed in Liquids, Hydrostatic Bellows, Waterworks, &c. 1845-6.

THE ROYAL VICTORIA ROOT BOOK. A charming completely hand-made mid 19th century children's book, produced one Christmas for the amusement of the family. "Entered at — Hall, by M and L.C. and printed by M.C.", possibly visitors at the Root family Christmas and brought along with them as a gift.

VELVET PAPER. The Original Velvet Paper Memorandum Book with Metallic Pencil.

FARNE ISLANDS. An interesting group of manuscript documents dated 1801, relating to the wreck of the Prussian Dogger, Maximilian Frederick, off the Farne Islands.

TAXIDERMY. A fascinating early 19th century manuscript notebook kept by R. Havell, Jr., 77 Oxford Street, London, Dealer in Foreign Birds &c. It includes recipes for stuffing & preserving birds, with directions on taxidermy, noting that Mr James Gray, 1 High Street, Shoreditch supplied him with ‘eyes made purposely of enamelled glass.'

19TH CENTURY SHIPWRECKS. An interesting collection of documents relating to shipwrecks on the Northumberland coast from c1830-1855, and attempts to clarify the legal position over the ownership of the cargo and wood.

PLANTING OF BARTLE HALL GARDENS. An early 19th century manuscript record of varieties of plants, kept by Charles Birley, with his armorial bookplate. Full contemporary diced calf with the booksellers' ticket of ‘Clarke, Bookseller, Preston'.

HOLY ISLAND. Poor Relief on Holy Island, Northumberland, 1819. "At a meeting of the parishioners of the Parish of Holy Island... to be held this day [27th August 1819] for the purpose of electing a Select Vestry for the Care and Management of the Poor of the said Parish under and by virtue of an Act of Parliament made and passed in the last session entitled "An Act to Amend the Laws for the Relief of the Poor."

PENINSULAR WAR. Royal Horse Artillery, Portugal 1812 June to October. 138pp. A most interesting contemporary manuscript copy-book of letters, garrison orders and articles issued for the period mostly from Lisbon, with a general index.

CAPTAIN MANSELL'S PRIZE ACCOUNT, being a collection of papers and letters relating to Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas Mansell from his agents (Henry Abbott & others) listing in detail the proceeds from cargo sales, expenses, vessels sold &c., together with miscellaneous naval papers, e.g. "Sailing Directions to accompany Chart of Salo Sound (Denmark) 25th October, 1810.

FIRE ENGINES & PUMPS. Two important early 19th century original manuscript diaries kept by Mark Noble - inventor of Pumps and Fire Engines. 1802-1810.

CLAYTON, Sir William. An interesting 18th century record of expenditure kept by William Clayton in 1784, aged 22, just after graduating from Queen's College, and with his education finished, heading for the bright lights of London, and travelling in Wales.

18th CENTURY SERMONS. Three volumes of original 18th century manuscript sermons, preached in York in 1766-1793.

CHOLMONDELEY, Francis. An interesting mid 17th Century English Commonplace Book.

FIRST WORLDWAR. The destruction of Reims in the First World War - a soldier's photographs. A superb album of photographs taken by an English soldier, Thomas Holden Waterhouse, of the bombing of Reims in February 1915.

ALLERTON PARK. An early 18th century manuscript list of fines for the Manor of Allerton Mauleverer in Yorkshire, as passed by the Court Leet, extracted for use by the Bailiff to collect the levys in October 1731.

TO MAKE A GOTHIC STORY. An early 19th century manuscript commonplace book, written over 196 pages and with a detailed final contents leaf.

AMERICAN WOMAN'S DAY-BOOK. "Elinor Stevens, Wyalusing, Luzerne, County State of Pennsylvania, 1805, her Account Book." A fascinating early 19th century manuscript day-book, ledger, and account book kept by Elinor Stevens between 1805 and 1823.

RICHARD HOTHAM'S BOOK, North Dalton, 1793. A late 18th century manuscript book of exercises and trial ledger and accounts, prepared by a young member of Lord Hotham's family at the Dalton Estate, near Beverley, Yorkshire.

GRAND TOUR WATERCOLOUR ALBUMS. A fine collection of 129 original watercolours in five volumes.

NAPOLEON. An interesting four page letter, partially cross-written, from Ch.L. Hunikin of Newark, to ‘My Dear Mary [of Castleton near Newport]'. Dated June 14th 1814 it includes reference to the burning of Napoleon's effigy, one week before peace was officially proclaimed in London.

LOTTIE J. A most unusual 19th century manuscript album of elaborate rebus puzzles, using charming original watercolour illustrations in place of words, to create pictorial codes for the reader to decypher. Compiled by Lottie J, a young English girl, in the 1870's, and with 90 watercolours.

SLAVERY. A manuscript ‘List of Slaves and Stock on Three Mile River Estate, [Westmoreland, Jamaica] January 1st, 1830.'

WINSER FAMILY, of Marylebone, London. "Mama's Account". A detailed and comprehensive mid 19th century manuscript account book kept by ‘Mama', relating to the Winser family (George, Caroline, Edward, etc.) covering the years 1839 - 1851.

FARM LABOURERS RECORDS. A detailed 19th century account of work carried out by labourers at Greetham Farm Estate between 1851 and 1863.

BOSTON. A late 19th century manuscript written in 1893, which although headed ‘Souvenirs of Boston', comprises a comprehensive journey through North America and the Rockies.

ARCHITECTURAL TOUR TO EUROPE. Notes by Way of a Remembrance of a Trip to France and Belgium at Easter 1882. Two volumes.

DRAWING-ROOM ANDREIOGRAPHY, or, Episodes in the Lives of Two Famous Men.

MOSES, W.C. Sketches by W.C. Moses at Kemp's Hall.

CHILDREN OF THE HOLY LOTUS. The Holy Roman Religion. A treatise combining an esoteric philosophy and system of ethics for the aristocracy of intellect among children of the holy lotus whose inclinations toward a righteousness are stronger than their tendencies toward evil.

SHUTTLEWORTH, Ann Mellish. An original manuscript collection of religious writings and extracts, together with a copy letter "addressed to my sister [Rachel] Fletcher by G.E.S".

WOOD, Clarence Lawson. An original sketchbook kept by the artist whilst at the Slade School of Art, February 1895, aged 17.

NORFOLK. A late 19th century album with 24 sketches and water colour paintings by Clara d'Orville Gorham, wife of the Rev H S Gorham, nee Morton. Great Yarmouth. July 1897.

WALKING TOUR & MOUNTAINEERING. An original late 19th century manuscript account of a walking tour in the Ardennes in 1898.

BETTERTON, William. William Betterton, Margam, his Work, at the Academy of Mr Thomas Rhys, Cowbridge. Finished June 17th, 1824. An unusually large, and very finely bound record of his instruction in Arithmetic, and a Course of Book-keeping.

FAIRY STORY. A True Fairy Story in XX Parts, dedicated (without permission) to Miss Blyth, by her obliged and obedient servant, the Author. November 1856. Part I. 11 pages with a decorative pencil title-page, preface dated Lahore 14th November 1856

HUNTING RED DEER. An Account of Charges for Catching of Red Deer out of ye Woods of Robt: [Cecil] Hon. ye Earl of Salisbury at Hatfield from Nov 9th 1734 to February 2nd 1734/5. A detailed schedule of payments made by Lord Grey, Earl of Tankerville, of Chillingham Castle, for 85 days hunting at 10 shillings a day. 1735.

PARSONS, William (fl. 1785-1807). An important collection of original manuscript poems, written over 94 pages between 10th August 1795 and 17th May 1806. Original marbled card covers entitled Fugitive Poems Vol 2. on a preliminary blank.
4to. 1795-1806.

ASTROLOGICAL CHART. An original late 18th century hand-drawn astrological chart prepared for Susanna Egerton, born July 30th 1797.

DAILY LIFE OF A YOUNG GIRL FROM MASSACHUSETTS. A charming manuscript diary recording the simple daily life of what appears to be a young girl in early 19th century New England.

DAWES, ( Rev. Charles Thomas, of Cannock, vicar of Dilhorne, son-in-law of Mrs. Sherwood, Staffs., 1793-1863). Manuscript diary, notebook and a translation of Virgil.

ASTON, Joseph (1762-1844).A rare and important collection of printed and manuscript items by the Manchester author and publisher Joseph Aston.

CARPENTER & HOUSEBUILDER. A most interesting mid 19th century manuscript account book kept by George & James Brown, an itinerant American carpenter, woodworker, & house-builder, and his son

COOKERY. An early 19th century provincial manuscript collection of recipes written by Elizabeth Berwick, Leeds, between 1823 and 1850.

WOBURN ABBEY. An important mid-19th century manuscript record book relating to Lord John Russell, the Duke of Bedford, and the Woburn Abbey estate. It covers household and estate matters, inserted family letters, details of pictures in the collection, accounts of visitors and celebrations at Woburn.

THE BRITISH ARMY ARRIVES IN PORTUGAL 1797. A most important original manuscript copy- letter book, detailing Major General Charles Stuart's terms of co-operation between the British troops and the army of Portugal.

GEARY, Thomas. A most interesting collection of unpublished 18th century manuscript poems, written by an English naval officer mainly during the period of the North American campaign of the Seven Years' War.

ADDINGTON, Henry. An Inventory of the Household Furniture, Fixtures & other Effects of the Rt. Honble. Henry Addington at Woodley Lodge near Reading in the County of Berks. Appraised to James Wheble Esq. Sept. 29. 1801.

LE FORT, Monsieur. De Journal du Voyage en Angleterre, de ma femme et de moi, Avril a Aoust 1835.

GOLDSMITHS & JEWELLERS. A 19th century manuscript copy-letter book belonging to Hennell & Sons Goldsmiths, 11 Foster Lane, London. 1885-1888.

TATE MODERN. A unique photographic record of the construction of the original Victorian Bankside Power Station in 1893, on the site of the present power station now converted to form the Tate Modern.

LUCAS, John Seymour., RA. 1849 - 1923. The artist's own personal address book, comprising some 300 handwritten pages, with 106 preparatory sketches of clients he visited, names and addresses of models he used, artistic colleagues, notes on sitters' facial sizes, hair, complexion, colouring &c.

NVENTORY of the late Sir Wm. Cann's Furniture &c. A True and Perfect Inventory and Appraisement of all Singular the Goods and Chattells, Rights and Creditts which were of Sir William Cann, late of Brislington in the County of Somersett... taken and appraised this twentieth day of June 1726.

CARISBROOKE CASTLE [Isle-of-Wight]. An interesting manuscript volume most likely kept by a member of the household, detailing royal visits to the Castle, work carried out on the house and grounds, excavations on the keep, &c &c.

DEER PARK Management in English Stately Homes, 1760-1821. An important and fascinating collection of 25 autograph letters and 10 other manuscript items providing a detailed insight into the management of deer parks at Newburgh Priory, Yorkshire; Cassiobury Park, Hertfordshire; and Paultons, Hampshire, in the late 18th and early 19th centuries

WHALING. An 18th century manuscript notebook, headed ‘Unity 1789', kept by the ship's owner, recording expenses relating to the vessel and its crew between 1789 and 1802.

VILLIERS, George. A copy letter book kept by George Villiers, bailiff to King George III, and younger brother of Thomas Villiers, 2nd Earl of Clarendon.

INDIA. The original manuscript journal kept by John Pearson, Advocate General of Bengal, during his voyage from Ryde on the Isle of Wight, to Calcutta, in 1824.

GRAND TOUR BY AN IRISH LADY. A fine manuscript journal, by an anonymous but very well connected lady detailing her European continental tour. She departs from London, with her daughter(?) Lizzie, and friends, in September 1841, travelling via Paris and Geneva for an extended stay at Florence, and thence to Rome, where the volume concludes with an entry for Thursday 7th April 1842.

THE JONES ARCHIVE - Portrait of an English Family. The Jones Archive offers a fascinating view of the private life of four generations of a notable London family; its hundreds of letters, photographs, sketch books, travel journals, notebooks &c offering the opportunity for much research.

MANUSCRIPT PRIVATE "NEWSPAPER". The Caldecote Journal. A completely charming series of letters, 1854-1855, to a Mr Freeman (of Southampton Place, Reading) serving with the Cavalry Division at Balaclava, in the Crimea. Designed in the form of a "newspaper", and written by Adela, Charlotte, William, Thomas & Arthur, the children of the Fenton family, of Caldecote Hall, near Nuneaton in Warwickshire.

BOTANICAL SPECIMENS. A most elaborate, unique and beautifully presented collection of dried flowers from the area around Liverpool, assembled by Miss Rowe, 2 Elizabeth Street, in the mid 19th century. The collection consists of 90 blue tinted envelopes, each identified with a printed label noting a classification number and the genera. Inside each envelope are numerous dried specimens of varieties of that genera, held in place by small strips of paper, identified with their latin and common name, where they were found, and when collected.

George Stephenson - "Certain Improvements in Steam Engines". An early and important manuscript ‘warrant', signed by King George IV and his Prime Minister Robert Peel, granting George Stephenson permission to take out a patent for "Certain Improvements in Steam Engines, which invention he believes will be of general benefit and advantage... that he is the true and first inventor thereof, and that the same have not been made or used by any other person or persons whomsoever to his knowledge or belief... " 4 pages, final page forming a docket title, early folds, some tears along them from being folded, but in very good condition. 6th February 1822.

SEATON DELAVAL BREWERY [Northumberland] . A detailed manuscript Account Book for the brewery for 1774.

SLEDMERE HOUSE. A detailed manuscript account for building and restoration work across the Sledmere estate from 1811 to 1821 by Abraham R. Pickering.

SHIRBURN CASTLE, Oxfordshire. An extensive manuscript daily journal kept over the last two years of her life, by Lady Elizabeth Parker, sister of George Parker, 4th Earl of Macclesfield. Closely written, completely occupying all 356 pages, and bound in contemporary half calf, marbled boards. The spine is rubbed worn at the head and tail. 4to. 190mm x 160mm. 1827-1829.

FIRST WORLD WAR. Ward Journal I, kept by Lieutenant David Rutherford Adams, of the Royal Army Medical Corps, in September 1916, whilst on duty at the General Hospital in Salonica.

SCOTTISH BOOK BINDER 1694. A late 17th century Edinburgh wedding contract, written in neat manuscript on paper, signed and dated 9th June 1694. The groom was Robert Allan, his wife Elizabeth Buchanan, and the contract states that Allan was a book binder. Elizabeth is recorded as the daughter of Duncan Buchanan, wright and burgess of Edinburgh.

SLAVERY. An important and substantial archive of material relating to the estate, in Kingston Jamaica, and Britain, of a Mr John Rae. A Scot who made a large fortune as a merchant in Jamaica.

AUSTRALIA. The manuscript journal of a voyage from Marseilles to Melbourne, and Sydney, February 18th - April 28th 1858.

STAINED AND PAINTED GLASS. A fascinating collection of ephemeral items contained in a ‘scraps' album, with the printed label of James Hetley & Co Ltd, 137 York Way, Camden Road, London, N7. on the upper cover, and inscribed "Handle with care. Ancient Price Lists".

Thomas Rutherfoord's Narrative. 256pp family copy of his unpublished manuscript autobiography, addressed to "my dear children". He was born in Glasgow in 1766, departing for America as a young man in 1783, and settling in Richmond, Virginia.

MANUSCRIPT DIARY kept by Elizabeth, wife of Charles Anthony, the author of "The Social and Political Dependence of Women" which was published in 1867.

FENWICK, Sir John, 1645-1697. (Conspirator. Plotted against William III, was beheaded 1697.) The Whole Proceedings in the House of Lords upon the Bill of Attaind against Sr. John Fenwick

APOPHTHEGMS. A fine late 17th century English manuscript compiled by John Thompson in 1694.

AN AMERICAN GRAND TOUR DIARY. Fendall Young, Philip R., of Philadelphia, born 1858.

TOUR in EGYPT and the HOLY LAND. An original and highly readable manuscript account of a journey to Egypt and Palestine in 1878.

BALMORAL. A Trip to Balmoral in the Autumn of 1860.

SKETCHBOOK. A fine mid-nineteenth century manuscript drawing book, most probably the work of a Yorkshire lady from a family near Leyburn.

SHAKENHURST ESTATES, Worcestershire & Shropshire. An important and fascinating collection of nearly 60 early 19th century manuscript documents relating to tree planting and forestry management on the estate, owned by Edmund Wigley, Esq.

RECEIPTS IN COOKERY. A substantial early 18th century English manuscript of culinary recipes.

TREATY OF BREDA. Articles of Peace between His Ma[jes]ty and the King of France 21/31 July [16]67.

CHINA MANUFACTORIES RECIPE BOOK. A detailed early 19th century manuscript notebook.

CONJURING. A most interesting 19th century illustrated manuscript written by Henry Charles Lupson, 10 Union Road, Cambridge, who appears to have been an amateur magician.



GRAND TOUR. Manuscript Journal & Sketch Book of a continental tour made between 17th May - July 2nd, 1820, by Anne Mills.

GROOME FAMILY OF NEW ENGLAND. Detailed manuscript journal and account book kept by Peregrine Groome Sept 1st 1816 - 1867.

SEVEN YEARS WAR IN AMERICA:Two important military manuscripts relating to troop preparations prior to the Siege of Louisbourg during the period of the campaign in America in 1757, which formed part of the Seven Years War between England and France.

HABERDASHER. A fine manuscript account book belonging to Gabriel Hale of Bristol, dated 1754 on the binding, and with entries between1755 and 1772.

COACHBUILDER. A most interesting 19th century manuscript estimate book kept by S. Hammond, Coach Builder, Waterloo Street, Brighton, between 1874-1877.

ELLIOTT, Robinson, R.A. (1814-1894). Two Notebooks containing sketches, observations, details of colour tones and climatic effects, kept by this major Northumberland artist between June 1865 and June 1879.

AMERICAN CIVIL WAR. A most interesting manuscript account kept by an Englishman travelling to Canada and the USA on board the ship Europa, July 9th - October 6th, 1864.

MISS GENT'S EMBLEM BOOK. A mid 19th century manuscript emblem book drawn by Miss Gent. Oct. 1841.


MANUSCRIPT DRAWING BOOK. A charming 18th century manuscript book of drawings and watercolour designs kept by "Miss Simpson, at Mrs Linton's Boarding-School, Foregate Street, Worcester.

HORSE DOCTOR'S MANUSCRIPT. A late 18th - mid 19th century manuscript notebook of veterinary remedies, mainly relating to horses.

JAMES II. An intriguing 17th century manuscript album of Royal Salutations, written in a fine calligraphic hand.

WICKHAM, Harriet. An elaborate late 18th century manuscript with fine watercolour drawings, detailing A Collection of English Grasses, which were collected by Harriet Wickham.

MARRIAGE TOUR TO THE LAKE DISTRICT. A charming late 19th century manuscript sketchbook recounting though comic drawings and watercolours, the marriage tour of Mr and Mrs H. P[ym], and their maid Mary Symes.

BIRDWATCHING MANUSCRIPT. Birdwatching in Somerset, the Scilly Isles, Avon Gorge &c.

JONES, Emily. Recollections of Hayden Villa. A manuscript novella concerning remarkable events that took place whilst the writer was employed as a governess to the Chetwynd family.

SONGS FOR THE NURSERY. A charming manuscript volume comprising a pen and ink pictorial title-page and 28 pages of 82 hand-written nursery rhymes with 44 original pen and ink illustrations.

HUDSON RIVER and the Finger Lakes. A most interesting manuscript album of early 19th century North American topographical drawings.

WRITING MASTER. Original Manuscript Diary kept by John Reynolds, "Master, Governor, and more than all, Instructor, or the pupils of Arlington House Academy, Chadwell St [London].

THE LADIES TOILET. A charming manuscript "made by Miss Eliza Bishop for Bazar at Piercefield".

ELY CATHEDRAL. An extensive and fascinating manuscript account of a long running dispute between the Dean and Chapter of Ely Cathedral and their Minor Canons.

TOUR OF ENGLAND. A fine manuscript account of a tour in England, including the iron-works at Colebrookdale, numerous sublime caverns, and the Lake District.

MANUSCRIPT SURVEY by Mr Downing, of "Mrs Allanson's Land Tax - Collected for her Estates in Yorkshire", c1796.

MIDSHIPMAN'S Manuscript Primer on Navigation, Sailing and Mathematics. Written in 1733 by William Cussons.

A TRUE AND PERFECT INVENTORIE of all and singular the goods, chattells and debts of Anne Mapleton late of Harbledown.

HOLT CASTLE. Manuscript "Inventory of the Goods and Furniture at Holt-Castle taken upon the decease of the Dowager Lady Coventry, 1788."

GODWIN, Henry. An original manuscript sketch book of drawings of vases, urns, furniture, a picture frame, as well as several elaborate ornamental designs, and a fine drawing of the death of Lord Nelson.

PERSPECTIVE. An early 19th century manuscript "Theory of Perspective" written, probably as a school exercise, by Selina Skipwith. March 18th, 1814.

HAWKING DIARY. A unique manuscript hawking diary, detailing the short life of a young sparrowhawk "Joan", from October 22nd 1894 to her death on February 19th 1895.

MILL-OWNER'S NOTEBOOK. A most interesting manuscript notebook kept by Oldroyd, owner of Carlinghow Mill in Batley, West Yorkshire, 1836-1843.

TEA-DEALER & GROCER. Original Manuscript Stock Book of an early Nineteenth Century Provincial Grocer and Tea Dealer.

FARMER'S WIFE. A manuscript diary kept by a Suffolk farmer's wife between 1828 and 1839.

MANUSCRIPT ESTATE SURVEY 1782. Manuscript Survey of an Estate at Sutler in the Parish of Halesowen.

BOYDELL, Josiah. The original manuscript Will of Josiah Boydell, Esquire.

18th CENTURY INDUSTRY. A fascinating manuscript journal kept by an un-named traveller between 17th September and 11th October 1799, who his accompanied by a Mr Brettle (?) the son of an industrialist.

EDEN, Sir Frederick Morton. Abstract of a Tour, [to the French and Swiss Alps] performed in 1790 - by Fred. M. Eden, and Charles J. Harford.

SWITZERLAND. A manuscript account of a "Tour from London to Lauzanne in Switzerland & back again." May 10th - 31st 1788.

HERALDIC MANUSCRIPT 1617. Scot, John. The Foundation of the Universitie of Cambridge.

AUCTION. An 18th century manuscript record of prices realised for the Sale of "Sundry Household Goods &c, belonging to the late Martha Wainwright.

LONDON CUTLER - A large quantity of correspondence and manuscript material relating to George Lawcock, a wealthy and successful cutler.

YORKSHIRE. Wentworth Family. A Note of the Rents of Lands Estated on me 1632.

VINTAGE CARS. 1903: Our First Tour on a Motor Car.

LONDON JEWELLER. A detailed manuscript account book kept by an early 19th century jeweller and precious stone cutter.

PRISON RECORDS for the County of Essex 1766 - 1778.

SWITZERLAND. A Tour Through Part of Switzerland. Dedicated to Miss Mary Ellen Stephens, 1829.

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. Gower, Alexander.G. An untitled manuscript essay arguing for the abolition of capital punishment.

PEARSON, John. Sketches from Nature. Two sketchbooks of original pencil, pen and ink, and wash drawings, some with added watercolour, taken on the spot during riding tours through Cumberland and Yorkshire in 1799 and 1800.

BLACKSMITH & FARRIER.. An extensive early 19th century manuscript ledger kept by a blacksmith living and working in Swaffam Bulbeck, Cambridgeshire, covering the period 1836-1850.

ESTATE PLANS. Plans of the Right Honorable Lady Howard's Estate in Norfolk.

HOUSE EXPENSES. A fascinating and unusually comprehensive mid 18th century manuscript record of all the expenses incurred in the running of a large private house in Essex.

A VERITABLE FALSTAFF. A wonderfully evocative English 17th century manuscript account made out to a veritable Falstaff lodging at an inn or ale-house.

17th CENTURY TRAVELLER & ANTIQUARY. A very interesting mid 17th century manuscript book headed "Severall Collections gathered at generall tymes as I passed by these Churches & Places."

GARDENS. A List of the Flowering Trees and Shrubs Planted in the Pleasure Ground at Amisfield, March 1753 all of which were got from Mr Bowie, and others".

GRAHAM, Thomas. Manuscript account of a generally disgruntled Visit to France in 1770.

COUNTRY HOUSE DIARIES. The Manuscript Diaries and Accounts of Miss Frances Benson of Abbots Reading. 1812-1835.

YORK FORNICATION. A manuscript declaration by Anne Hood, widow of the parish of St Michael Belfrey, admitting that she has committed the sin "of fornication with Richard Harrison"

WISE, J.B. (1759-1829) A Treatise on Dialling followed by A Treatise on the Construction of Magic Squares. 288pp manuscript.

LEONARDO DA VINCI. An early eighteenth century Italian manuscript copy of the Trattato Della Pittura di Lionardo da Vinci.

COOKERY.. An interesting early seventeenth century manuscript collection of cookery, medical and household recipes (to perfume gloves..).

CHINA. A Choice Selection of Receipts for an Earthenware & China Manufacturer.
An important early nineteenth century supplier's master recipe book. 178 manuscript pages detailing many hundreds of recipes for glazes, fluxes, printing oils, gilt decoration, lustre, varnishes &c.

ATLAS. Manuscript Atlas. A collection of 29 classical and historical maps on 28 sheets; mostly double-page or folding.

BEWICK, Thomas. A Dovaston family manuscript commonplace book. A transcribed family copy from original material by John F.M. Dovaston.

WALES. Unpublished manuscript of 'Miss Jenk's Tour, or Journal through Wales in 1772.'.

SOWERBY, James de Carle. Manuscript account book for 1826 to 1828, containing full records of all payments for work undertaken, and details of all his items of expenditure.

LORD MAYORS. A Manuscript List of the Lord Mayors of London from 1275 - 1853.

COLOUR Dyer's Recipe Book. A mid eighteenth century manuscript

PETER LE NEVE (1661-1729). A manuscript working book compiled by the Norfolk antiquary and Richmond Herald Peter Le Neve, detailing inquisitions at the death of a king's tenant.

THEATRE. A manuscript account of private theatricals at Quinavon Castle in Glamorganshire, the seat of T. Wyndham, Esq.

JERSEY. Manuscrit Les Chroniques de Jersey par David Patriarche Esq., en 1754.

PAINTER. An Eighteenth Century Coach, Sign and Heraldic Painter's Manuscript Reference Book.

CARLISLE. Estate Plans of Carlisle. Seven folding manuscript estate plans mounted on linen,

GARDENING. Manuscript. French Gardening. 1786.

ADDINGTON, Henry. An Essay on the Affinity between Painting and Writing, in point of Composition. Autograph manuscript on 44 pages

LIBRARY CATALOGUE. An unusually fully documented early 18th century manuscript catalogue

PICTURE COLLECTION. A late 18th century manuscript catalogue prepared by an auctioneer(?) for the valuation of a private collection of pictures, portraits, miniatures, antiquities, bronzes &c.

ESTATE-MANAGER. A manuscript reference book used by the estate manager for lands in the Parish of Rougham, Suffolk, 1779-1858.

Manuscript accounts on six folio sheets "ffor the Prince his hignns", providing priced details for a half year's supply of some 350 items of boots and shoes to Charles I and his household when Prince of Wales, between 15th May and 25th December 1621.

FLOWERS. De Rhinfeld, Madame [Mathilde]. (nee St. Clair). Floriana; or the Method of Constructing Artificial Flowers. Unpublished original manuscript

WITCHCRAFT. A Discourse of Witchcraft. As it was acted in the family of Mr Edward Fairfax of Fuystone in the County of Yorke in the year 1621.

FURNITURE. An Inventory of the Household Furniture of the Honourable Lady St Clair Deceased taken and appraised at her House in Greek Street St Anns in March 1766.

BUILDER. A Builder's Contract Book, 1843-44, comprising c250 pages of manuscript details of work carried out for private and agricultural customers,

BOOKSELLING. A detailed single folio sheet manuscript account of purchases made by the Earl of Wigtown from Alex. Symmer Bookseller of Edinburgh.

JAMES, Walter J. A Note on the Composition of the Artist's Palette. Original calligraphic manuscript

FLOWER PAINTING. A charming manuscript giving detailed instructions on the art and technique of flower painting.

LISTOWEL, Earl of [William Hare]. A manuscript catalogue recording over 180 of his paintings.

IRELAND. An Account of a Tour to Killarney and Through the South of Ireland. By G[eorge] Atkinson, commenced June 23rd & terminated July 7th 1830.

MANBY, Susanna. An Account of Brighton, Southampton, the Isle of Wight and Portsmouth. May 1839.

SCOTLAND. Sketches taken during a Tour in Scotland in Sept. 1815.

NOSTELL PRIORY. A detailed late 18th century manuscript record of the farming land and livestock husbandry on the estate of Nostell Priory in Yorkshire

JOURNEY by chaise and saddle horse from 'Blacksheil' south west of Edinburgh to London.

GRAND TOUR. A most interesting eighteenth century manuscript compilation of extracts from a variety of published accounts of travels through Italy.

ELIOT, T.S. An important collection of sixty-five typed letters, some with manuscript notes, signed to his friend and occasional collaborator Ronald Duncan

BLUNDEN, Edmund. A remarkable collection of original typescripts, some with minor manuscript corrections, comprising 19 poems (6 unpublished) dated 1920-1929.

FURNITURE. A 17th century manuscript inventory of the furniture and papers of Anne Guit (deceased), widow of André Kriffain of Dijon. 20ff, dated 11 Février 1686,

BOSTON. A late 19th century manuscript written in 1893, which although headed ‘Souvenirs of Boston', comprises a comprehensive journey through North America and the Rockies.

REMEDIES AND RECEIPTS. A mid 19th century manuscript collection of ingredients and directions most likely kept by the owner of a chemist shop in London in the1860's.

HENTZLER, Paul. A Journey into England in the year 1598, translated from the Latin by Horace Walpole Esq. An eighteenth century manuscript transcription of the 1757 Strawberry Hill edition,

AINTER'S ASSISTANT. Three original early 19th century manuscript volumes compiled by a provincial painter and decorator,

PERSPECTIVE. A most accomplished mid 18th century manuscript treatise on perspective.

HIGHGROVE HOUSE. Inventory of Highgrove & Duston, together with an inventory of the estate of Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire, 1802.

WINE, TOBACCO & COFFEE. An 18th century manuscript record kept by a Scottish merchant ship owner, listing his dealings